Tips And Strategy For Case Study Interviews

Consultation is one of the biggest areas of interest for outstanding, job-hunting graduates and with the availabilities of variety in work and locations, and now the top consulting firms has started some real tough screening interviews. If you are interested to find a job in consulting, then this blog will definitely help you.

Here are 4 hints on how to take an approach to the case studies.

1. Find out what sort of exercise you were given

Just sort in your brain and you will know how to answer it best. Also, you need to understand what your interviewer is expecting you to demonstrate. You might be given a brain teaser, an exercise to make estimations or an analysis based study.

Go prepared with a few basic macroeconomic details that you can use (like the population totals for the world), and think your way via the problem in stages.

2. Silence is not always good

Talk to them through every stage and tell them how you work.

Do you remember that in GCSE or A-level Maths you need to show the entire work to get full credit for an exam answer? It’s similar here. Tell them how you made an approach to the problem and how you figured out the solution.

It’s because communication is a vital business skill, mainly on client projects, and you’re being assessed on that.

3. Make use of most of the information in the question and break it gradually

Your interviewer will definitely explain the exercise and give you any information which you must make use of. If there is any doubt or anything not clear, ensure that you ask the interviewer, instead of taking tension in silence and be overconfident that you can work it out. The fact is that, if you need more information, ask for it.

4. Be creative

The interview is to assess how you will cope and behave when you are put in front of a client. Once you gain some consulting experience, you are expected to take more responsibilities; hence you need to show the interviewer your potential to be a real asset for the firm.

Ensure that you sum up your creative thinking and credibility and analysis skill in a case study with a strong, brief conclusion.

So here we finish with some little but essential hints for being successful at consulting interviews.

Keep the above things in mind before you look appear for walk-in interview jobs in a consulting firm. And keep connected with this space of career advice for more career-related tips and advice.

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