Tips To Overcome Shyness And Grow Confident

Shyness and confidence are quite inversely proportional to each other. Be it shyness or nervousness, but that keeps confidence at a distance and hampers your personality a lot. Often experts are approached with the following questions:

  • How to overcome shyness and talk face interviews, confidently?

  • How to gain self-confidence and take part in office meetings, successfully?

  • How to become an extrovert and talk to strangers?

  • How to do away with social anxiety?

  • How to be comfortable with social functions?

  • How to make new friends?

Here, in this blog, we shall first address the issues and share tips to deal with the problems.

Shyness or lack of confidence?

Whatever be it, the problem is common to social anxiety, shyness, and nervousness during interviews, and you become uncomfortable in one to one interactions or in any social settings, mainly which involves an on-stage performance.

Tips to Overcome Shyness and Gain Self Confidence

1) Don’t take it too seriously

Always know that being shy or feeling anxious is not a disease or a sign of disability. It could be that you underestimate your strengths and focus mainly on the weakness.

You don’t need to bring lots of changes, just make some important and useful additions to your thoughts, style, habits and how you appear.

And essentially ignore if people tell you that it is a personality disorder.

Regularly remind yourself to stop being shy, be confident with your thoughts and outlook and you will shine.

2) Don’t confine yourself within the four walls, get social.

To overcome your shyness, you need to work on it. You need to break your habit pattern by enhancing your interaction with people who don’t judge or evaluate you.

Make frequent visits to your friends or call them for a get-together. If you are alone, no worries. Go to a mall, have a cup of tea or coffee, pick up a conversation with a waiter or the cashier. Find a cosy corner and take your seat, if someone smiles at you, smile back.

3) Don’t be too hard on yourself

Have belief in yourself and don’t ever criticise yourself or your limitations. We all make mistakes and we all have a chance to correct them. Nobody is perfect and knowing your imperfection helps you to keep striving towards excellence. Don’t be too sensitive to your mistakes, they happen to be resolved.

Never judge yourself unkindly rather encourage yourself and you will feel confident.

4) Indulge in discussions

Communication is essential and that doesn’t mean only speaking about you but also trying to know others. People with shy personalities become nervous because they worry about the answers they will have to give when other people lots of questions. Well, you can avoid answering by taking interest in knowing them and being a good listener.

5) Make eye contact and sport smile

Whatever is the occasion or the type of interaction, whether social or formal; any meeting or presentation or a job interview, sporting a smile and maintain eye contact.

The easiest way to do this make an eye contact and smile spontaneously. A genuine smile with an eye contact is the best way to instantly break the ice with almost everyone. The idea might appear difficult, but know that this is the secret of all confident and successful people.

6) Improve your body language

Communication is not only verbal but your body language also matters and adds a lot to your conversation. On this pretext, you need to take care of your health, fitness and vital statistics.

You should keep yourself engaged at workouts in the gym or go for running, can also take membership or do a workout at home. Whatever be your style, keep the practice regularly.

This is mainly recommended, if you think that you don’t look smart and has lower self-esteem, start dealing with it right now by joining a gym or do exercise at home.

It will take a few months to see the first signs of positive change in your body, looks and energy levels. But know that, once that happens, you will experience a surge of confidence from within.

7) Practice it daily

Everything starts at home, even being confident. It is very essential to communicate with your relatives and parents. It is a great opportunity to practice your communication skills with your siblings, mother, father, cousins and everyone else.

Another best practice is you rehearse in front of the mirror. The more you practice communication, the lesser foreign and the less embarrassing it would appear. If you practice public speaking or interview practice in front of a mirror or a webcam, or with a friend, you are not only practicing it but also lowering your inhibition and anxiety.


You have to challenge yourself with some extrovert traits and interpersonal skills and you can see them, opening new doors to opportunities you didn’t know were possible and might be also lead to careers you never ever considered.

Here we share the gist you need to practice to overcome shyness and become confident:

1. Don’t take it too seriously

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself

3. Don’t confine within the walls of your house, communicate with people

4. Make an eye contact and smile

5. Ask questions and also listen to others.

6. Enhance your body language

7. Practice them regularly

With this, we conclude for now. For job seekers, are you looking for careers in engineering? Always keep in mind the above tips and also know that they can help you in taking decision while choosing the right career as well. Stay connected with career advice to know about more career opportunities and career tips.

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