Tips On How To Improve Your Voice To Be Successful In Interviews.

Interviewers are good observers and they pay attention to body languages. And if you have rehearsed things in your head or when you read the answers while traveling, here we share what psychologists are telling what your voice says about you:

1) The pitch of your voice

Nothing much can be done about high or low voice, but men with lower voices are seen as more authoritative and people with such voices are considered more appropriate for managerial jobs.

For women, either a low voice or too high voice is rated poorly. The low voice is not feminine, high voice is not mature.

2) The pace of which you speak

A good pace is important for a good impression, neither a slow talk nor a fast one.

3) The rhythm in your voice

The monotone voice is not acceptable. Remember how you used to sleep when your college lecturer gave a lecture in a monotonic tone. Add some life in your voice during an interview. Your voice speaks your personality.

4) Don’t pause often

You might choose to take a short pause, but long or frequent pauses don’t give a good impression.

5) How loudly you speak

If there are sudden changes in your voice, then that signals that you aren’t stable and might be not right for a job that needs a lot of responsibility.

So it is essential to pay attention to what your voice is doing.

And remember to sit straight and give a firm handshake as well.

Good luck!

Keep the above things in mind before you look for job interviews in any field. Keep connected with this space of career advice for more career-related tips and advice

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