Tips For Engineering Graduates To Find A Desirable Job

Once, the Times of India stated that lesser than 1 out of 4 engineering graduates are employable in India. But finding a job becomes difficult, owing to no prior job-related experiences and real knowledge about the entire process of finding a job. In this blog, we share tips for engineering graduates to find their desired job and much sooner.

But the matter of fact is that employment depends on your academic capabilities and also your skill set. Here we share a list of job search tips that would help you land in a job.

1. Brush your skills

First thing first! You should understand and know that your educational qualification is only a beginning! GPA is a precondition, and just as important as how skilful you are.

A strong skill set is essential, mainly when it comes to being considered for a job. It is your strength that would make the recruiters considers you.

2. Create a good online presence

You could be a great artist, writer, a photographer or a dancer. So, you need to let out there for the world to know.

To have an online presence is the fastest way to impress recruiters. What you should start with is to create an online portfolio with all your achievements or a blog with all your write-ups, pictures, and poems.

3. Another valuable job search tip is to make the best use of your social network

Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if used strategically, can really give a boost to the job search. Most of the companies you must be targeting will have a good social media presence. What you need to do is, find them and follow up with their updates to get a better overview of their culture, opportunities and the specific skill sets what they are searching for.

4. Do an internship or get a hands-on experience

Knowledge and practical hands-on are the most important things in a job. To work as a trainee, intern or getting a hands-on experience in your preferred area is quite imperative. With an experience that could be for a week or a month, you would be able to tell recruiters how much value you could add to joining the company.

Here is a list of a few top internship sites in India which could be of your help:

  • Greymeter

  • Lets Intern

  • Internshala

5. Take advantage of your LinkedIn profile

Make your LinkedIn profile powerful and stand out in your professional networking today. Most of the companies use LinkedIn to sort out their candidates. Rather, your LinkedIn profile is your online resume. It is also your one-stop source of all your professional experiences, qualifications, achievements, talents and skill set.

6. Search yourself in Google

This is a tricky but important career guidance tip. It is likely that the recruiters will search for you on Google. If you prepare yourself by following up with the above-mentioned points, then it won’t be a problem for you. To create and publish fresh and valuable content in your online space is a way of staying on top of the Google search results.

7. Learn through academy courses, online

To learn something new is always a winning experience. There are several free online courses available on websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Khanacademy. These courses would help you expand your knowledge. They, help you improve your chances of being noticed by recruiters and also offer a better concept of the basics. This is one of the essential career guidance tips.

8. Get registered with job sites and company portals

Most of the larger companies have online job portals. Register and subscribe to those portals to get regular updates and to keep a track of vacancies. Besides that, major job sites like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, and AngelList always keep posting employee requirements from various companies. They help you target your core companies and find job vacancies in the field of your preference.

9. Try finding some internal referrals

Many Indian start-ups and MNC’s prefer trustworthy recommendations to the traditional recruitment. Hence, they organize timely internal referrals via their current employee in case there are job openings. So, you need to speak to people around you. Remain connected with old friends and find out whether there is an ongoing, internal referral.

10. The final job search tips is that you need to keep your senses open

The internet keeps buzzing. If you are sufficiently proactive keep up with the trends, then you might find an opportunity sooner. As companies do some scaling and upgrade their operations, the demand for engineers would keep rising. You must remain vigilant enough to help yourself updated and smartly prepared to land a desirable job of your choice.

With this, we conclude. If you have any other valuable tip, share with us in the comment action below. Hope this piece for today’s discussion on job search tips helps you. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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