Tips To Answer Some Fun Interview Questions For 2017

With more students graduating every year, the process of getting Jobs in Information Technology is not same even there are challenges to select the best candidates and eventually interviewers come with various types of questions to test your calibre as a whole.

Sometimes they come up with fun interview questions designed for specific reasons as mentioned below:

Bring you out of your comfort zone

To know your ability to handle pressure

To find out if you think with logic

Know about your personality

Gather personal information without any direct questioning

Here we share a list of some commonly asked questions which are worth thinking about so that you are well prepared for a challenging interview.

Logic test :

Some questions are asked to check your ability to apply logic. In several cases, there is not a single correct answer but the interviewer wants to test your reasoning skill.

For example:

What will you do if you find a penguin in a freezer?

How many basketballs can fit in this room?

If you were a pizza delivery man, how could you benefit from scissors?

In a small room, there is a refrigerator. If you keep the door of the fridge open, would the temperature in the room lower or the fridge temperature rise? Why?

If you have to unload a large airplane full of jellybeans, what would you do?

Here they would like to determine your problem-solving skills. You are not expected to give the exact number while telling the number of basketballs; list all the factors that would design the count and give an approximate answer. If you don’t know how to answer a question, ask for more details. For the last question with jellybeans, you could ask about the resources which were available for unloading.

Personality test :

By asking a direct question, it’s not easy to get an honest reply. Hence, some interviewers tend to use some unexpected strategy.

Questions to know your personality:

What’s your favourite jam of the ’90s?

Name your favourite Disney Princess.

If you were an animal or a tree what kind of animal or tree would you be?

If you could go to places for a week with any other person, popular or not, living or dead, real or fictional character, whom would you consider?

If someone writes your biography, what the title must be?

If you were a salad, what type of dressing would you like?

What do you think you are, a hunter or a gatherer?

To answer the above type of questions, keep in mind the job requirements, and be as honest as possible. For instance, a good answer to “favourite Disney princess” is Cinderella because she is adorable and hard working. Always emphasize the traits your interviewer is looking but avoid exaggeration and remain honest.

Health and lifestyle :

Some questions are asked to extract personal information, maybe about your lifestyle and how you take care of yourself.

Some instances:

What you had for breakfast?

What is your favorite drink?

What would be there in your refrigerator right now?

How happy are you, answer in the scale of 1 to 10?

You need to practice in advance to answer some strange questions. Buy your time. If you are not clear with the question, clear your doubts. Always answer while referring your job requirements and think about the reasons for those questions, no matter how weird, they will have some relatedness with the job.

Also maintain a positive and confident posture.

Always know, there is no right or wrong. But you and your personality can solidify your answers with your own thought process and solidify your comfort level with the position at hand.

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