Top 5 Long Lasting Technology Careers For The Future

There are lots of tech jobs available for you and if you are looking out for career tips for better future then you are at the right place. As per BLS, the workers in technology-oriented industries earn more than the working people. Apart from that the BLS also showcased that the computer and information technology occupations will enhance by 13% from 2016-2026.Let us see the top technology careers for the future.

Long lasting Technology Careers For The Future:

1) Application Software Developers:

Consumer applications are designed either for a particular customer or commercial software for sale to the public.

Estimated 2018-2028 Growth**: 26 percent

Hourly Earnings: Rs 35

2) Information Security analysts:

They plan and work out security measures for safeguarding a company’s computer networks and systems. There is a continuous expansion of responsibilities because the cyber attacks increase.

Estimated 2018-2028 Growth: 24 percent

Hourly Earnings: Rs 22.92

3) The computer and Information research Scientists:

They invent and design new approaches to computing technology and find new ways for current technology. They resolve the problems in computing for science, business, medicine, and other fields.

Estimated 2018-2028 Growth: 18 percent

Hourly Earnings: Rs 27.04

4) Web Developers:

They create and design website and they are responsible for the site’s view along with the site’s technical aspects similar to the performance and capacity that measures the websites speed and how to deal with the traffic sites.

Estimated 2018-2028 Growth: 15 percent

Hourly Earnings: Rs 14.08

5) Computer User Support Specialists:

It offers help and suggests the computer users and organizations whenever in need. Such specialists assist computer networks or they offer technical assistance directly to computer users.

Estimated 2018-2028 Growth: 12 percent

Hourly Earnings: Rs 12.16

Unrelenting growth and positive job outlooks have been demonstrated for lots of years and show no sign of slowing. For job-seekers looking for careers that are both rising and staying with the technology positions that can provide the best of both worlds.

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