Stop Sabotaging Your Career With Your Habits

Career is your biggest financial asset, and growing it right is essential. Saying, how in the office can impact your career, and habits, good or bad, play a great role in it. Habits are behaviors so ingrained in us that it appears to come naturally and without a thought. Often people around us notice them, and bad habits really put off people. Here, at career advice, we shall discuss how overindulgence with work could affect both your personal and professional life.

Learning about these habits is a real step in changing and improving ourselves and our careers.


It appears a natural thing to have a chit-chat with a co-worker while on a tea break, but not over something which is confidential about someone or the other. While chit chats are not a problem, gossiping is totally another thing. Remember a gossiper can’t be trusted, and obviously, you wouldn’t want that to be with you. Gossips also ruin relationships and the office doesn’t need any extra drama, so be wise enough to keep away from such things.


To say sorry is courteous, but are you saying it more than needed or so often? Keep a check on your apologizing behavior. It’s good to be polite but nothing excess is good.

When we do in order to avoid conflicts, even when we are not to be blamed for anything, or when it depicts that we bestow too much value on other people’s opinions, then it affects not only our careers but also our self-esteem.

When apology occurs more often or unnecessarily; it shows our lack of self-esteem and incompetence, and also puts light on the fact that we not confident enough.

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No well-set boundaries: both personal and work related

Do you find yourself skipping a meal for your work? Do you find yourself answering every text and emails from work, even when in bed and about to sleep? Do you feel the work is interfering a lot in your personal life?

If yes, for all the above questions; then it is time to stop making people think that you are available all the time. If emails are sent by the end of a workday and do not necessarily need an instant response, then do not reply. You can reply to a message the next day as well. Next time you get a task the moment you are about to leave for lunch, stop the desire to do it immediately and reason the person politely.

Set your boundaries in personal and work front!


Though unavoidable at times, know that this actually makes you less productive. The fact about multitasking is that you not doing everything at once but switching between tasks, and you are like a cake that finishes with smaller cuts with more tasks you take on. The more tasks you take over, the lesser the slice of cake for your time, focus, and attention you bestow on it.

To mention, it is detrimental not only to your career, but also affects your memory, your relationships, and can even make you overeat.

Your habits say a lot, though you might not notice them. By making certain changes you can really bring good impact on your life both personal and professional.

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