Significant Things Recruiters Refer Online While Selecting Candidates

Let us see few things recruiters refer online & check on the candidate’s profile. If you want to make a difference then you need to read the following career guidance tips. Let us see what they are in detail:

1. You must be aware of your stuff:

Simply do not claim that you are an expert without providing any sufficient proof of internship or certification or things where you have performed well. This will actually be good for you from the recruiter’s point of view.

2. Do not tell bad about your ex-employer:

If your talking about your colleagues, old boss, or company online then it will not be beneficial for you. As the new recruiters will think that even their image will be spoiled by you online.

3. You have a personality:

It is very important to fit the role rather than just having experience. Most of the recruiters always hire candidates based on their relevance for the role. Therefore choose ideal keywords in describing yourself online with passions and goals as per the job requirement.

4. You’re not posting about inappropriate stuff:

This is definitely a negative impression for recruiters and employers. As per the current scenario, employers have very few tolerance for posting bad photos. When employers look for you online they always check for professionally inclined candidates. If you have photos like professionally partying with your friends then that is fine but it should not include some drinks party which will make a bad


The above career guidance tips are very much important for you to get shortlisted and hired. There are lots of people who actually lose their chance of getting hired because of such neglecting such important points which are actually focused by the recruiters.

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