The Significance Of Body Language In An Interview

There are many job openings for freshers and most of the candidates are not aware about how to present themselves in an interview. Although they may have sound knowledge most of them fail in an interview because of poor body language. SO here are few tips to improve your body language.

1) Eye Contact- While having a conversation with the interviewer you need to maintain an eye contact with him or her as it shows you are engaged in it and if not, if you keep wandering around with your eyes it will give a negative impact.

2) Good Posture- It is always good to maintain a good posture not only respect to the interview but also for your good spine health. Do not slouch or crouch on the couch as it will make your appear lazy.

3) Don’t have folded arms- This kind of body language will reveal that you are not open and you are very defensive. Have open arms and show your assertive behaviour.

4) Reduce your stress- Interviews will get on your nerves and increase your stress but do not show it out like biting your lips, or nails as it will become a distraction and will irritate the interviewer.

5) Enthusiasm- It is always good to throw a pleasant smile but do not show your teeth too much or do not over do it. Maintain your dignity and decorum.

6) Communicate Verbally- It is always good to have a non-verbal communication in the interview. Do not use your hands to communicate, keep it on your legs. Practice well before attending an interview by shooting a video of yourself so that you will know your mistakes. Also practice a firm handshake before going to an interviewer. Don’t hold it more and at the same time wipe your hands before giving a handshake.

You can apply for the latest jobs in IT and apply the above techniques before attending an interview.

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