Why Shifting Personal Brand Is Significant For A Career Change

This article is to discuss the aspect of personal branding that is related to changes to make.In between informational interviewing and constant networking, career changes seriously works.

It might appear like unnecessary work, but a personal re-brand is you need to start that career change, taking it from a dream to reality.

Here to reason, it why!

  • It’ll help you to begin by changing your online presence and reflect your new direction; you can shifty our focus from your present state to what you would become in future.

  • It’ll connect you with like-minded professionals. Making new friends is difficult, but making new professional connections is a different thing and a must. By continuously engaging on issues in your new industry and communication with key influencers online, you can create more connections and learn more than through silent emails and coffee discussions.

  • It’ll sell the relevant skills. A personal site gives a perfect base to showcase your past experiences and frame it in a way that it adds value to your new industry. And when your recruiters become interested in your resume, they’ll visit your site and see other examples of your awesome work.

  • It’ll offer your personal investment. Once you’ve committed to your career change, you need to convince the recruiters about the same.

Thus it says that it is essential to shift your personal, which might appear to put the pressure on. The good news is that it’s easier than it seems. In the below mentioned 5 steps, you can create your online presence to frame your new goals and become an achiever.

Ponder How You’ve Changed

You’re changing your job title, not your whole identity. There must have been changed interests but you have the same core values and beliefs that defined your personal brand. So those qualities must stay in your brand.

But, something has changed. You’re switching industries because something about your present job just doesn’t make you happy anymore. And you must be asking yourself why this job switches?

So realized that moment when you realized that the job just isn’t working for you anymore. What occurred? What changed? And most essentially, what that says about your values, goals, and mission in life?

Why are these things happening to you? Your answer will unveil the personal values and strengths that need to stress through your personal brand.

Identify and Upheld Your Transferable Skills

When you’re trying to use your old experiences into “relevant skills” for your new industry, all of the projects, clients, and achievements might feel useless or like a mistake. Years of work but of no use. Do not consider them as unrelated experiences. They’re going to help you set your personal brand apart from others in your new industry.

Think about all the people in your new industry who have been there since their college graduations. They are spending years doing the same things, so they all appear the same. They’ve same entry-level jobs, the same social media game might be even the same expertise.

But since you’ve spent a time span in a different field, that “unrelated experience” is your distinguishing factor.

Once you can identify the difference, just wonder how it’ll add value for new employers and you can add in your personal brand.

Get into your value concept, the single thing which distinguishes you from all the other resumes in your industry and sells it through your brand.

Rewrite Your Story

Put yourself in the shoes of hiring managers. Suppose you plan to hire an HR rep, and a resume with 6 marketing jobs come out. Unless the cover letter states their career change, it’d appear as if the person got the wrong page on the web or doesn’t take the job seriously.

Your personal brand will act as your cover letter, it should tell your story of how your values, skills, and professional experiences have got you prepared for your current job. Now it is time to add a new chapter, one that ties your personal values to your changing desires, new goals, and your relevant skills.

Your story must answer 3 crucial questions:

What are the core values and beliefs which shape you as a person and a professional?

How your professional interests evolved since you began your old job?

What could transferrable skills help you succeed in your new industry?

Stories tell more than just a list of skills and projects ever do. Put all of your values, evolving interests, and related skills into one story and you can sell your whole fabulous personality to the recruiters.

Become Industry-Appropriate

As you are selling your skills and self to a new audience, you need an online presence. Look up to the influencers in your target industry for inspiration. Based on how dramatic your switch is, you might not change your current online presence a lot. For instance, a switch from journalism to marketing might not take much more than just signifying different projects in your portfolio. But if it’s a shift from finance to writing, you will need to publicise your social profiles, add some color and striking photography to your portfolio, and engage quite often on your field of expertise.

Market Out Your New Professional Self

You know why you’re switching industries. And also you know what personal strengths and skills you’re bringing there. You’re ready but only need to prove your online presence. To begin with, you need to set up a portfolio site on a platform like Square space. Then visit your various platforms one at a time. Make sure your visual elements remain consistent, keep it safe for work, and do spell-check every time. Be cautious with spell check.

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