Resume Tips: Should You Use Photo On Your Resume Or Not

Several decades ago, the use of a photo on your resume sounded odd. It appeared unprofessional and cheap but does the same idea continue? There is mixed opinion. Though many career experts don’t give a nod to these several believes that it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd, for the same job.

To mention, an image is whether appropriate on a CV depends on the situation, industry, and the job location.

In some European countries, a photo on your resume is a must.

Here we shall discuss the circumstances under which you need to attach an image.

Why photo on your resume?

In the past decades, resume used to be just a black and white piece of pages, highlighting your experience and qualification. Though same this is yet applicable, the hiring process has changed a bit.

Nowadays, many companies post their job positions online. This attracts talents all over the globe. Applying for jobs is easy and frequent as well.

When an application is submitted in only black and white format, it does not stand out against hundreds of other with the same format, so how to stand out? Though you might be qualified and have good experiences, yet the résumé must be eye-catching.

People being creative when come to applying for jobs. They go above and beyond to catch the attention of hiring managers that includes using visuals to get noticed.

But an image on the résumé is yet unexpected, so the hiring manager might stop and give a second look at your resume. A professional image shows confidence; it must be convincible that you are the right candidate to take up the job.

Instead of just knowing your name, they’ll see your face. This helps to create a strong connection with you that might land you on the job.

The cons of a photo on your resume!

Before you use your image, try to know why some recruiters do not appreciate the same.

The main argument is chances of discrimination. The inclusion of image could lead to selection based on appearance. Though such biases are illegal for companies to discriminate against candidates based on age, gender or race, it happens. And an image to a resume could lead to prejudice over appearances.

But in social media, several websites allow to upload an image along with a resume. And many hiring managers would know how you appear before you come across for a face to face interview.

Using an image may also not work if you don’t upload a professional photo.

How to select a photo on your resume?

To seek the attention of the recruiters, the image must of high-quality and also professional. Here are some points you need to decide while doing the same.

1) Select a recent photo. Be sure that the photo you use is from at least a few months back and that you appear the same.

Also, upload a solo shot, or crop your face with others in the background. You don’t want the hiring manager to have to guess which person you are. With that in mind, you want your face to take up a little more than half the shot.

If the image shows some part of your dress, make sure it is professional attire.

If there is a strong image on your LinkedIn profile, use it on your resume as well. Using the same shows consistency and make recognizable. When the recruiters find your LinkedIn profile, they can realize that you are the right candidate.

If possible, get some professional photos clicked. Having professional headshots is better than that from casual sitting. If you’re low on cash or don’t have time, setting up a less formal photo shoot at home with a friend or family member can still help you get some quality images to use on your LinkedIn profile or resume.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance for today. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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