Resume Tips: First 3 Places A Recruiter Looks on Your Resume

It is mandatory and stressful to update your resume on regular basis. If you are not doing so then your resume and profile get outdated and while doing so it is very important to tailor your resume to get hired. Let us 3 places a recruiter looks on a resume tips:

1. Your Current Work Experience:

While glancing through your resume most of the employers would actually check your current work experience. This will actually reveal to the employer that whether the candidate has the required set of skills, and experience, and can contribute to the company’s profit. You need to provide details of your previous accomplishment with other companies. Your experience should follow the name, contact details, and professional summary statement.

2. Professional Journey:

It is very significant to mention your educational qualifications and the number of work profiles you have been through to reach wherever you are. If you have any professional you can mention it in the cover letter.

3. Achievements, Results, and Metrics:

You need to provide details about what targets you have achieved in your previous job profile.

Let us see few important points you can mention in your resume:

  • The number of achievements in percentage.

  • Revenue generated for the company.

  • Team management in number.

  • It is very significant to go through your resume or attend mock interviews to check whether you can replicate whatever you have mentioned.

The “10-Second Rule”:

Any recruiter will go through your resume, not more than 10 seconds. So it is very important to be catchy. If you are fit for the role then you will be shortlisted for an interview. It is your ability over here to know whether you are eligible for the profile or not.

Note the above 3 places a recruiter looks on a resume and avoid the silly mistakes.

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