Resume Tips:How To Highlight Job Skills And Standout Amidst Others

Before you land the right job, you should know how to make your job application more appealing in the eyes of the recruiters. This blog will give you resume tips which will help you to know how to highlight job skills in a resume to help you stand out amidst others.

Tips on how to highlight job skills on a resume:

You must include relevant keywords and quantify your resume job skills as it is possible. Your resume is not only about you but its true purpose is to secure a great job.

Your resume is a mirror, created to reflect the ideal candidate for a position you seek.

Here are the tips how to make your resume much appealing to fetch you the right kind of job you wish to.

Do Your Homework:

The most time-consuming thing during job hunting is customising your resume to every single position you apply for.To find out what a profile requires, you need to read the job advertisement well.

Moreover, employers want to hire people who understand company culture and follow its values.

Use Keywords in Your Skills Section:

Many companies find resumes through applicant tracking systems created to search for specific keywords. Resumes that don’t contain the magic words, they get automatically discarded.

Keywords are often mentioned in job ads, so you have to read each one carefully to understand the phrases that will ensure your resume gets selected.

Skills to write on a Resume:

Though every employer seek something different, but certain skills are common and necessary.

  • Raise revenue

  • Save time

  • Make processes efficient

  • Problem-solving

  • Improve company’s reputation

  • Prevent liabilities

  • Cost cutting

Other skills include proficiency or fluency in languages besides English, which are assets in this global economy. Also, include them.

Quantify your job skills:

When describing your accomplishments, numbers are quite compelling than just assertions.

In case you increased productivity or raise revenue, you have to mention, by how much. If you bought new customers or social media followers, then let them know the count.

Show, don’t only say:

All companies in every sector, even technical fields, want employees who are effective communicators. So you need to demonstrate it well.

Another skill essential is the ability to understand and follow directions. If a job advertisement needs specific information on your resume, you have to give it.

Mind your language:

The language which job seekers use to describe their skills often reveals their experience.

For instance, a hiring manager might consider that someone whose resume says “I designed policies and hired 12 people” is less tenured compared to another applicant whose resumes says “In collaboration with the chief executive I created a new strategic plan and executed 10 percent staff reduction.”

You need to improve your resume, by enhancing your vocabulary.

Balance your confidence with humility:

If you are tempted to use your resume to boast about their skills, take care because some employers do not appreciate such an attitude. Do not appear too strong, one must be careful about over-exaggeration.

Instead, be strategic on how you try to manage the impression you give to the employers. Research published recently in a journal of Business and Psychology found that job seekers who engage in over self-promotion in their cover letters and resumes come across as unlikable, and this hurts their prospects. Meanwhile, job seekers who promote themselves but also use “ingratiation tactics,” like offering compliments, expressing gratitude and echoing opinions, tend to do better. These balancers appear confident without being arrogant, according to a study.

Mention the soft skills:

Emotional intelligence, interaction skills, soft skills, etc. there are several terms for the ability to and must be mentioned in your resume.

Interviews and cover letters must reveal emotional intelligence, which is not that easy to be demonstrated in a resume.

Know that verbs actually depict your philosophy of management.

Skills to eliminate from the resume:

Hiring managers receive several of applications for every open position. Now following the above points, you can stand ahead of the other competitors, but to be in the safe zone, you need o avoid using cliched terms to describe your skills, says an expert.

Terms like ‘team player’ and ‘people person,’ people get tired to hear them, expert says. Hiring managers are basically not interested in skills you’ve earned in your free time related to hobbies. When editing your resume, keep away your personal skills.

And also don’t include skills which are too basic or are relevant only to jobs more entry-level than the one you tend to apply. For instance, unless the job advertisement mentions it, there’s no need to mention that you can also type.

You might be quite good at file management, but if your career progression is achieved by doing clerical work, you do not need to mention that.

Skills to be avoided from the resume:

  • Typing

  • MS Office

  • Hobbies

  • Data entry

  • Outdated coding languages or software

  • Email

  • Cliched soft-skill terms, like “people person” and “team player”

With this, we conclude. Hope this piece of information on resume tips, help you in your job search. Writing resume is an essential skill and to know what to include and what not to, is significant to get yourself in the world of job and career. A good preparation in early life can indeed help you in your career ahead.

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