Top ONGC Jobs For Freshers 2019 | Best Opportunities

There are lots of job opportunities in the ONGC Jobs For Freshers 2019.. There is a very significant factor that actually fits your personality and skill-set. It is possible to find contract and permanent positions which cover project life-cycles which are an end to end from conception via operations and maintenance. There are lots of jobs and offices where you can find the role of HR, admin, science, and engineering, project management etc.

ONGC Jobs 2019:

1) Engineering Jobs.


All the stages of oil and gas field development, evaluation and production have the presence of oil and gas engineers. A strong focus on decreasing the negative impact of the environment can be handled with the focus on how to enhance the hydrocarbon recovery at the very least cost of their employer.


  • Civil Engineer

  • Cementing Engineer

  • Systems Engineer

  • Field Service Engineer

  • HVAC Engineer

  • Structural Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Automation Engineer

  • Control Engineer

  • Drilling Engineer

  • Design Engineer

2) Trades Jobs.


If you are currently working into trade and what to shift into oil and gas then oil and gas trades are needed in various stages of oil and gas field development and production. This is an excellent way to get into this sector if you actually have an apprenticeship under your belt.


  • Crane Operator

  • Pipefitting

  • Electrician

  • Scaffolder

  • Welder

  • Rigger

  • Mechanic

  • Painting and Coating

3) Management Jobs.


You can get lots of management job opportunities in oil and gas. As per the role, you may supervise, schedule or safely execute oil and gas field operations. The oil and gas production in enhancing the company’s growth or in charge of fetching production targets in a safe manner.


  • Inspection Manager

  • Contracts Manager

  • Site Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Quality Control Manager

  • Health, Safety and Environment Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Asset Manager

  • Business Manager

  • Maintenance Manager

  • Offshore Installation Manager

  • Procurement Manager

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