New Year’s Resolutions For Career Advancement in 2018

New Year resolutions are said that they are being made to forget. Well, let not this year’s resolutions be an empty promise to the self. Here we mention 15 resolutions which will be great for Career Advancement.

As 2017 comes to an end, it’s time to look forward to the surprise holding 2018. For many, this could be also looking for New Year’s resolution ideas and making new goals for the New Year.

It’s good to make resolutions, in a way to look forward to the coming year with optimism which is active, instead of passive.

This year, take a look at your career and set some firm, calculative goals that you can actually track and achieve. Here we mention some workplace goals for the coming year that will make 2018 your best work year till date

1. To do list that keeps you healthy at work:

Everyone is bothered about health, and weight loss is a common New Year’s resolution for many people. Look into, how much time you spend at work. Just consider thinking of five simple ways you can stay healthier at work. Pack your lunch. Follow the stairs. Get up and stretch every hour. Think small and you’ll see that those little things add up.

2. Read a career related or a motivational book:

Reading is wonderful. Even if you think you know what must know, reading a great book always helps in professional development can gift you a new perspective.

3. Update your resume:

This is very significant. You need to make all the information updated. Make it a professional goal for the year; even if there are no plans to switch your job, it’s always good to keep updating your resume periodically.

4. Learn a new computer program:

No matter which career you pursue, there are dozens of computer programs which could be helpful to you. So why not learn one? Make it one of your work goals and go for it. If this enhances your current job, your company might also be willing to pay for it!

5. Add one new business connection every month:

There is no disadvantage in building a professional network. You must be meeting people all the time, but do make little time to listen, grab their business card and connect with them. Try to find one influencing person every month to add to your LinkedIn connections and see your network grow.

6. Clean out your computer files or file cabinet:

You need to get rid of things which are no ways relevant to your work or of no use to you ever. You need to organize what is important as well.

7. Subscribe to follow one relevant blog:

You need to find information, insider tips, and great motivational writers online; this would always help in your growth.

8. Find a professional mentor:

Set workplace goals for the coming year and have a little fun while you are at work. Find someone is linked to your profession and senior and experienced. He or she could be a good guide and professional support.

9. Send at least one handwritten “Thank You” per month:

Sending a handwritten Gratitude message is a great way to show your professionalism and appreciation. It feels good, as well. Buy a box of “Thank You” notes that you like. And every month, think of someone who did something good for you. It could have been a reference. It could be buying lunch. Even if it’s not work-related, send a “Thank You” to your mother-in-law, you’ll really feel good about yourself.

10. Upload a new professional photo:

Take an initiative and get a new photo. It can be casual or quite professional but of high quality. You need a picture which truly depicts who you are personally or professionally.

11. Be a part of a professional organization:

Yes, professional organizations usually cost money. However, the benefits are immense from the connections, what you can learn is worth of the cost in.

12. Volunteer:

This is a great way to feel good about you, and it’s an even a better New Year’s resolution idea. Find a cause which is meaningful and close to your heart. Next, participate. You can feed the homeless, do for cleanliness drive, raise money for a good cause, whatever you like and good for humanity.

13. Get a new professional certification:

Stop wishing for that certification which is yet pending! Just set as your goal and it can also advance your career. If it costs money, consider it as an investment for your future.

14. Clean your email inbox:

Just like your computer and file cabinet, your email inbox needs some cleanliness drive. Organize your email files, sort the important emails, and delete what doesn’t the insignificant ones.

15. Attend one networking event:

Though everyone might not feel comfortable with networking events, yet what harms in giving a try. You can at least put yourself there once per year. You’ll meet other influencer’s in your industry that lives in your area. It’s one of the best ways to make new connections and keep on top of what’s happening in your field locally.

Now that your goals are set, enjoy the New Year bash for there is a reason to go for a party with some determinations and plans for the future.

Good Luck!

With this, we conclude. Hope this piece of information gave an idea about how to influence your professional life with new resolutions. Keep looking into this space of career advice for more tips and advice related to career and success.

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