How To Negotiate For Your Salary Hike?

How To Negotiate For Your Salary Hike?

There are lots of candidates looking for jobs in Pune and here is a career advice for engineers because most of them feel the difficulty while doing the negotiations for their salary:

1) Prepare yourself at home

As you have been scheduled for an interview prepare about it well in advance so you will come to know about where do you stand and what do you lack. Groom up your technical skills and the way you present them. Also know about the company and the services it provides. This will help you to perform well at the interview and thereby you can demand your pay.

2) Understand your worth

Consider your skill set, experience and knowledge and then know your worth. You can know that by communicating with other colleagues or browsing from the net. Once you are aware about the market value you can ask the same and depending on that you also need to check whether you can calculate your monthly expenses and can pay your bills.

3) Boost up your confidence

Do not hesitate to demand your net worth for all the skills you have as this is not the only company in the world which will pay you or you are not the only employee who will be duty bound for the company. Consider yourself worthy enough and well deserving for whatever you ask.

4) Use the 5 minutes in a better way

In an interview negotiation time is basically for 5 minutes so use it effectively for getting a good pay. Take a deep breath and talk about your previous performance and achievements and how well can be useful for the company in the future if you are hired.

5) Fix your price

After getting to know about the market fix a value for yourself and during the interview do not tell the same value as they may further negotiate you. Ask for a value higher than your fixed value so that you will get the value you want.

There are lots of fresher and engineering jobs in pune all you need to do is follow the above career advice.

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