A Look At MTech In Software Engineering Programme From NUS, Singapore

NUS Institute of Systems Science is one of the finest and top Asian universities which occupy the 15th position according to the QS world university rankings 2017/18. Till date, NUS has delivered its MTech programmes to over 2,000 students since 1996, while focussing on the practical aspects of IT and data science.

The popularity of NUS in MTech is due to the fact it could distinguish between real-world education and the traditional classroom academics, i.e.

1. Refreshed the Academic Curriculum over the years

2. Internships

NUS could take your MS in Software Engineering to a whole new level.

How NUS Balances Real World Education And Classroom Learning?

Dr. Leong Mun Kew, Deputy Director of NUS-ISS quoted that the MTech programme is a postgraduate degree created by practitioners, for practitioners. They have industry expert staff with several years of experience, who can share with the students, real-world experiences.

Student Opinion About Hands-On Experience With NUS

It could be providing students a global outlook and a world-class educational experience in the field of Technology, NUS ensures that everything is in place related to Internships. It is because internships are a significant way to gain experience and get an exposure to a particular industry.

Vignesh’s Learning Experience at NUS

Selvaraju Vignesh, MTech SE student, and intern at Instant Edge, said that he got to experience the journey of a software lifecycle, from its start to its deployment, in a start-up environment where everything is dynamic. He also said that his biggest takeaway was getting the knowledge of all the obstacles that might arise in different phases of software’s lifecycle and the methods to tackle them without fail. With this internship program, he learned to adopt changes and make them part of the entire software development process.

His teammate, Vrinda Gupta, who was in charge of requirement gathering, designing and implementation of the module, said that internship was the best way to learn the working world through hands-on experience.

Vignesh added that the M Tech SE programme at NUS-ISS offered him with every key learning that is necessary to successfully complete the internship successfully. The core subjects he learned in helped him in developing a strong foundation for this internship, mainly the Object Oriented Analysis and Design course, with the help of which he was able to analyze user needs, analyze objects, design the software architecture and implement the design objects.

And Vrinda added that the basic electives like Enterprise Java helped her to improve her technical skills to create more huge, secure and scalable applications.

A New Outlook

The internship is not just about work, but the people and culture build the best memories of the job experience. For the interns at Instant Edge, the start-up atmosphere offered them the liberty to learn and grow.

Mohanty Rameswari who led the NUS-ISS interns at Instant Edge said that being part of an energetic and friendly team, she felt empowered to learn, develop and challenge herself every day during the internship.

Rameshwari added that team collaboration, leadership, open communication were the main reasons behind the growth of Instant Edge.

Vrinda added that she was given autonomy like everyone else in the institute, though she was only an intern. She was constantly encouraged to share her opinions, feedback, and suggestions. There was pretty good bonding in their team and differences in opinions were also resolved through healthy discussions.

This seems that NUS internship provides valuable opportunities for interaction and work with people from diverse culture. If you intend to pursue higher education in Software Engineering field, then NUS, Singapore is one of the best options to avail.

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