A Look At Some Interesting And Unique Job Opportunities

In today’s world with new career options, people are trying several routes besides the common career pathway. It could be anything abstract like an illustrator or a jewellery designer. Are you eager to know more? Keep reading here at career advice about some of the unique and interesting jobs.

Bike Courier

Bike couriers offer a valuable service in cities where there is a problem with huge traffic. Bike courier can get across a city much fast.

Though digitalization has somehow replace the need for bike couriers to deliver documents, cyclists are yet in use by various industries, like food and fashion.

Body Painter

They mainly work at fairs or other events where there comes huge crowd. Some do specialization in face painting, and very popular among children. Other body painter finds work at concerts or music festivals, offering services to adults.

Body painters also find employment on a photo or video shoot where clothing has to be painted o the body as a design concept.

Ayurveda Healer

Ayurveda with its thousands of years of heritage aims for a whole body system balance and makes use of many natural or plant-based remedies.

Ayurveda has also become popular in Western cultures. With an uprise in natural fitness schools globally, there are available certification courses as well.

Color Expert

A color consultant mixes color psychology, present-day trends and style, and theories on colors and design to add color into a project, whether it could be designing a layout of a room or a company’s.

Fake Facebooker

Individuals have used websites like Fiverr and Craigslist to sell and buy Facebook actions.

With several fake Facebook accounts, one can initiate liking a Facebook page to make it very popular.


They are chemists who make formulae for both natural and artificial flavors. They usually have a Ph.D. in biochemistry or chemistry, and several take up internships with flavour companies, besides their formal education.

Feng Shui Consultant

An ancient Chinese art which is based on science and principles of the Taoist. Feng Shui focuses on the flow of energy, to make the sure flow of health, wellness and good luck to an inhabitant.

Feng Shui can be taken help of anywhere, home, office, garden, etc. An expert will help you get the interior and exterior decorated with colour, lighting, and organization in a room. They can be self-taught, but also might have done some certification or training.

Fragrance Chemist

They are scientists with specialization in the study of smell and molecules and to use them for perfumes. Fragrance chemists can make and test scents for perfume, soaps, and lotion and several toiletries.


This talks about a therapy that uses a natural horse as part of a patient’s treatment plan.

The pelvis of a horse has a 3D movement similar to that of a human walk, horseback riding could be effective for patients with physical and nerve problems.

Hippotherapy could be applied in physical, psychological, or speech therapy, and it is gaining popularity for children with autism, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions.

Horticultural Therapist

Here finds the use of plants, and the process of planting, in psychological therapy.

They might use gardening as either a method for treatment for troubled mental patients or as a physical strengthening tactic for patients in occupational therapy.

Ethical Hacker

The professional hackers “test-hack” a company’s software to ensure security.

These good people are paid to hack a network and next give recommendations on how to ensure that a real hacker can’t access it in future.


A type of traditional Chinese medicine which involves the use of needles to stimulate different parts of the body. The needle placement depends on various purposes like the treatment of chronic pain, fertility concern, allergies, and any other symptoms.

Also to say, acupuncture can be used to treat ailments in animals as well. Veterinary acupuncture often used for domestic canines, cows, and horses, but also for smaller animals like birds and rabbits.

Online Reviewer

Owing to digitalization and sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, the Internet has become a highly valuable resource for consumers who might go for restaurant or products they are interested in.

So several women can seat at home and take advantage of this opportunity.

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