List of MIS Executive Interview Questions

A hardware and a software system for collecting, processing, storing, and disseminate data or information to assist the management are called MIS (Management Information System). The current MIS of an organization is maintained by a professional MIS Executive. You can also become a Data Analyst, Business Analyst or Research Analyst with better experience and skills. Let us see some of the top MIS executive interview questions and answers:

List of MIS Executive Interview Questions:

Q1. What is the reason behind using MIS?

The main reason behind using MIS is to help the management in making tactical, strategic, and operational decisions.

Q2. What are the different types of MIS?

The various types of MIS are:

  • Decision Information System

  • Data bank Information System

  • Predictive Information System

  • Decision Information System

Q3. Explain the core principle of MIS?

The ultimate principle of MIS is to promote decision making by providing complete and accurate information to people who require it on time in a usable format.

Q4. What are the various levels of information requirements in an MIS?

MIS has the following information requirements :

  • Technical level

  • Organization level

  • Application level

  • Database level

Q5. What are the MIS decision making levels?

In MIS there are various levels of decision making:

  • Strategic

  • Technical

Q6. What are the decision making elements in MIS?

The MIS decision making elements are:

  • Model

  • Optimization

  • Constraint

Q7. What is a Database Information System?

This framework is used for developing a database by classifying and storing data will be potentially great to the decision makers.

Q8. What are the various approaches used in designing and MIS?

The various approaches used in designing MIS are:

  • Data-collection approach

  • Organization-chart approach

  • Integrate-later approach

  • Top-down approach

  • Database approach

The above MIS executive interview questions 2018 are very much enough to make a successful career in this field.

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