Do You Know What’s More Important: Qualification Or Experience?

There are several job openings for freshers, but often the candidates wonder, what’s more essential: qualification or experience? To know, keep reading our blog at career advice.

This is not an easy thing to answer. Or there could be there no straightforward answer to it as there is no definitive winner between education and experience. It depends on various circumstances.

Mhairi Kerr, Senior Manager at Six Degrees Executive said that every organization is different, so also every hiring manager of that organization and decisions for hiring occurs following a range of circumstances. He continued to say that the hiring managers who are too rigid on candidates having qualifications can miss out on exceptional talents who have range of hands-on experience that could be often more valuable.

Again, the recruiters who overlook candidates with recent graduation (contrary to those with more industrial experience) can miss out updated knowledge of the industry and innovations and the best practices that new graduates can offer.

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In the opinion of Kerr, often real and practical experience and the skills which education can’t teach ends up being prior to education.

Experience and education go together

Candidates must try to build skills where they lack. Suppose you work well but your promotion to next level is stalled dues to lack of required qualification. Hence, both education and experience would help you in wrong run.

Again, with digitalization, there are several courses available, and you could take advantage anytime. This holds the same for part-time courses as well.

If you come across the problem with needing experience but couldn’t secure a role owing to lack of experience, the best approach would be if you volunteer yourself for a role or job profile. It might not be as expectations of your seniors, but will definitely help you learn skills and earn experience.

To conclude, there is no winner between the two; so its wise to get equipped with both, to make a long-lasting impact in your career.

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