Job Interview Length: Does It Predict Your Getting Or Losing A Job?

You must wonder how to write your name on your resume or in LinkedIn profile while applying for a job interview. It matters because your name can create an impression or say perception and that would be your first step towards success.

The fact is that perception plays a big role in way candidates and the hiring teams view each other. And also this perception creates excitement in you as a candidate. And sometimes it results in a risk in hiring you.

So how do you know if you are a risk, an identified risk or just the opposite when you go apply walk-in interview jobs?

One way to know that is the job interview length. Here we share some scenarios for review:

Your interview was supposed to be for an hour but it ended in 30 minutes.

It’s not at all good. You should pay attention towards the subtle things, to know when a shorter interview is a death sentence, a delayed death sentence or simply a scheduling issue.

Your interview supposed to be for 30 minutes and it lasts 45 minutes.

Sometimes it could be due to schedule changes or if the next interviewer is delayed, longer is usually good. A sign that longer is not always better includes that the interviewer is looking for extra questions by an extra review of your resume, keeps asking if you have anything to know or keeps leaving the room to check on the next interview.

You were supposed to interview with somebody, but they cancel when you arrive.

Sometimes people get pulled into official meetings. Now the level of the interview and the gap in the level with you could also sometimes influence whether you or the meeting is a priority that day.

Your interviewer arrives is 15 minutes late.

This could be a legitimate delay but they can come with 45 minutes in hand. Or a quick call to check if the interview schedule could be modified to get the full 60 minutes. But what if this is a passive way of shortening the interview? This could be because your previous interviewer gave negative feedback or if you are just a comparison interview vs. a strategic and targeted one.

You are asked to wait for an additional interview when you are on site.

Sometimes it could be that an extra interview was pre-planned but would only take place if the other interviews went well. So you might not appreciate it but it is actually a good thing. You need to relax and enjoy this one, despite not having any special time to prepare.

Hence you can never say that a shorter interview is bad or longer is good. That’s not always a fair assumption. But it is also a potential indicator of how things are happening.

And, another call is the most obvious of the signs that you’ve been selected.

To mention, there’s more than to job interview length, but this also works.

With this, we conclude.

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