How Job Hopping Can Actually Help In Your Career

In the past years, job hopping was associated with laziness, lack of work dedication and commitment towards the organization. A 2014 study found the positive reasons for job switch if done following a strategy and that could outweigh the negatives, and job hopping is also beneficial for a prosperous career.

With about 25 percent of workers have 5 jobs or more till they reach the age of 35, but it should be methodically.

Here we share reasons how job hopping can be good for your career:

Knowledge enhancing:

Just take a look at the last job you had. You must have changed several positions and also have learned a lot in the process. And gaining knowledge in your field in various companies add to your insights and help you become a well-rounded employee.

Impressive to employers:

Apply your knowledge in an interview to say how you work on your roles, irrespective of the type of job or demands and the challenges it has.

Wage increase:

We need money for our livelihood. Though money is not everything, it is essential, and job-hopping increases your chances to raise your wage.

Impress the employers:

It’s an art to know when to negotiate the salary you think you deserve and when to move away. It is essential for both you and the employer

Develop connections:

Besides gaining knowledge and skills, job hopping opens the door to develop a professional network.

There you can form positive relationships with your colleagues and seniors, who could play good in your next career.

Change the scenery:

A different route to work, a new office view or another favourite lunch area are certain unique ways to keep you motivated at work every day.

In fact, studies found that switching jobs gave an initial boost to employee’s engagement, as 33 % of employees who were with a company in less than 3 years said that they were better engaged in their work in comparison to the 29% of those who were with a company for 3 to 9 years.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance on the importance of job hopping. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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