Interview Advice For Making Preparations Before The Big Day

Alike to an interview, preparation for one is quite essential. Rather it is the single most effective thing you can do to improve the likelihood of success in finding a job. It improves your ability to answer the questions perfectly, confidently and leave a good impression.

Whatever interview level it is might be for an entry level or an experienced post, a proper pre-interview preparation always helps you in reaching the goal. It’s not easy but with the right amount of preparation, nothing is impossible.

Here we share some interview advice on how to make preparations for an interview and earn the job.

Interview Logistics

Practically, one must be clear about what to expect on that day. You need to check the following with an employer or agency:

The interview schedule

5 factors to consider:

  • What type of interview it is, say one to one or a panel interview.

  • How long the interview to continue?

  • Will there be any test?

  • Will there be subsequent interviews?

  • Who will interview you on the day?

  • Find their names and job title. You can find them on LinkedIn.

If this is an interview panel, then each member could come up with little different perspective. Ponder what it could be and how you can address them in your answers.

Location and travel arrangements

Well, check with the location, travel times, etc. to make sure that you arrive in or before time.

Learn about the company

It is essential that you learn about the company before you go for an interview. Remember these points:

Talk knowledgeably as why think you are a good candidate for the company

Reveal your interest and enthusiasm for the job

Show professionalism and assertiveness

Besides checking out the company’s website. You must also look at these three things:

  • Corporate literature

  • Research their market intelligence, online journals

Just talking to the people who know about the company to find out more about the company’s way of working

Your research must cover the following areas:

Statistics – size of the company, turnover, key people, etc

Main products and services

Target customers


What is its competitive edge?

How it markets itself?

Challenges and opportunities.

Next, you need to make small notes of your research so that you can express yourself confidently and impress the interviewers at the interview by:

Making use of relevant facts and figures in your answers

Showcase your understanding of the organization’s priorities and challenges

Research about the Job

You must have the job advertisement, a proper job description and also a copy of the selection criteria they make use of to assess candidates. If you haven’t got these, then you must ask if they’re available as they might just have forgotten to share it with you.

If there is any chance to talk to the relevant managers before the interview, they always take the benefit. You can also find out more how the manager looks at the role while having a better opportunity to market yourself as the perfect candidate.

Read every job details and take in consideration of your wider research to identify the key things they could be looking for in the interview.

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Market yourself at the interview

Prepare answers which show that you meet their job requirements. And wherever possible share real-life examples to explain your relevant skills and experiences. Always know that irrespective of the role, employers are always much interested in knowing how you have added value to a company.

For instance:

More profit

Lowering of costs

Enhanced quality

Problems resolved


Build/Re-build relationships

Identify opportunities

Generate business

More efficiency

But there you must take the care not to get bogged down in giving too much of the details while answering the interviewer. Rehearse your answers loud and keep them to a minimum, of about 2-3 sentences. If they need, they will ask for more information.

Identify the gaps

They might be seeing for things which you don’t have, so don’t ignore it and keep your fingers crossed. A good career advice suggests that being proactive in thinking about how you might choose to close the gap or perhaps lower its importance e.g.

Start reading up on the area in question

Go through the courses that can help you overcome the gap fast

Show relevant work experience

Identify your transferable or complementary skills.

The Feedback

It is difficult to unbiased about yourself and knows if your interview preparation would help you hit it in terms of its content and the way you delivered.

If possible, find it out with someone who can offer you an honest and a good feedback. This person could be a career coach who can help you with every aspect of the interview process or a trusted friend or colleague.

An interview is a win or loses situation with no awards for whoever comes second. So if you need this job, then you need to do everything you can to maximise your chances by good preparation, and a rehearsal to get a good quality feedback before the interview day.


  • Try knowing to expect on the interview day

  • Get your paperwork prepared in advance

  • Research the company

  • Exemplify your answers

  • Seek honest feedback from others

It’s always good to make the right choice for a career but to get into your right choice, you must be well prepared for the interview and be able to crack it.

Stay connected with career advice to learn more about new carer and job interview tips and remain updated with news and facts related to career and jobs.

Good Luck!

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