Insider Tips To Get A Job At A Startup

Are you willing to join a startup? And you’re not sure where to start? Do not worry; even if you do not code or design, there are yet a few jobs that might just have your name on them. Here at career advice, we share a few tricks to make you a good candidate for a startup job.

Activate your LinkedIn.

You need to make your LinkedIn profile shine. You should know that companies search prospective employees by keywords, so keep your experience and certifications updated and detailed. Ensure that your network is solid, and don’t be shy to ask for endorsements or recommendations. Get yourself involved in professional groups and add their links to your profile. Also, post contents relevant to the company you wish to join.

Make an online presence.

Develop an online presence which expands beyond LinkedIn. Be sure that your social media profiles are all up to date. Make yourself be present through all channels, that will how tech savvy you are.

Know the whole industry.

The startup world is very competitive. Every company has to start from nothing and build itself so there is tough competition. The more you have an idea about the industry and the main competitors, the better you can contribute.

Research well.

If you get a company where you wish to join, start getting nerdy. Tray gathering information about that company’s product. Learn about their culture. If you think you suit there well and have ways to contribute to their growth, start writing a cover letter and send resume.

Don’t try to be very unconventional.

Always know that the startup world is young and modern, you’re yet going through the process of applying for a job. Take every step being calculative and seriously, act like a mature person, and your interests and skills will speak for themselves.

Get yourself there.

You’ll never get a startup idea if you don’t work for any. You need to apply on sites like AngelList and look on sites which specialize in startups, like StartUpHire or VentureLoop. Moreover, attend startup-related networking events in your area.

If you find at least one company of your choice, you can also find the CEO or founder email ID and send them an email to express your interest. Be sure to make look your email genuine and specific; include related links to your social media profiles and explain how you could be a perfect fit for that specific company. Follow up if necessary and remember to send thank you notes.

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