How To Improve Your CV With Extracurricular Activities

In today’s blog on career advice, we suggest you to improve your CV with extra curricular activities.

Do you how what unique thing you can add to your CV besides, your technical skills and soft skills? Extracurricular activities! Yes, that’s a great way to demonstrate your interests and individuality, and also prove to the recruiters that you have a wide range of valuable skills which could be applied to the vacant position.

Here we list five extracurricular activities that you might want to add to your CV:

1) Music & theatre

It takes lots of confidence to stand in front of a crowd and perform.

You could be an expert dancer or a drama enthusiast, you should mention the same in your CV.

Skills it demonstrates self-presentation, confidence, creativity.

How to get involved: This depends on the activity you wish to do; so after making your choice, From your school knows how to get lessons or where is the best place to begin.

2) Foreign languages

An alternate language strengthens your CV in several ways.

With several organizations which operate internationally, an ability to understand and translate language from another country is quite valuable.

Skills it demonstrates dedication, lateral thinking, eagerness to learn new things, troubleshooting, patience.

How to get involved: This could be in your institute curriculum and if not, then you have to from external classes or private tutors.

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3) Sports

To involve in any sport is the best way to demonstrate your teamwork and dedication.There are several sports you could use to make your interests, skills, and abilities stand out.Just link them to the role you’re applying for.

Skills that it demonstrates: dedication, teamwork, fitness, competitiveness, reliability.

How to get involved: Most educational institutes have their own sports teams, what you need to do is join them and for that, you usually won’t need any previous experience or skills.

4) Volunteering & fundraising

This is a great way to show how you contribute to the society.

Skills it demonstrates leadership, commitment, entrepreneurship, proactivity.

How to get involved: Know about charitable organizations which you are passionate about, and contact them to offer your services. Fundraising for charities is easy like online registration.

5) Job-specific activities

Certain extracurricular activities might be the first steps towards your dream career because hobbies related to a certain industry often teachers teach practical skills and experience needed for a job.

It could be writing, coding or photography; your future employers can see the basic abilities and dedication which you began with.

Skills it demonstrates creativity, writing, to take criticism positively, IT & other technical skills.

How to get involved: If you want to get involved in blogging, web design or media, you can write for your institute’s website or newsletter; or in afterschool clubs. Such opportunities are fairly competitive, so one must be proactive.

Hope you will find this helpful. If you wish to make careers in engineering or any other field, keep reading our blogs.

Keep looking into this space for more career advice, tips, and suggestions.

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