Important Questions And Tips For Android Interview

Let us see in detail about the career guidance for Android professionals and  tips for android interview freshers with respect to Android development.

5 most common Android Interview Questions

1)What are the main components/building blocks of Android?

Explain! (On the other hand, the interviewer can just jot down the components and ask you to explain.)

2) Candidates may be asked to write a C program?

3) Questions related to Java programming are asked?

4) In the current version of Android, the candidates are questioned regarding the updates.

For example, which is the recent version of Android and how is it different from its previous version.

5) Why do you want to get into application development?

This one of the most significant generic question In fresher Android Interviews. This question will actually let you make a positive impact.

What Android Interviewers expect from you:

From the above Android interview questions, it is very clear that the employers will not ask very proficient Android programming beforehand. These are the things you actually need:

1) Mobility Awareness:

You must know about various platforms out there in the mobility market.

2) Knowledge of Java fundamentals:

It is very important to know Java for Android as in Android Application development lots of Java does are required.

3)Some knowledge of Android:

It is very significant to have a little knowledge about Android Kernels, architecture etc. Moreover, there are lots of technical Android Interview Questions that would come your way.

4)Be confident, but not overconfidence:

Arrogance is another thing that the interviewers actually depreciate. It is significant to maintain a positive attitude but does not be overconfident as you are expected to note everything. If you are not aware of something say it straightforwardly. It is very easy for the employer to identify whether you are lying or not.

Follow the above career tips to become successful in this field.

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