IELTS Exam Tips To Become Successful

The International English Language Testing System or popularly known as the IELTS is recognized all over the world as the most popular exam to test English proficiency. Millions of people take the IELTS every year, and many do not pass, unfortunately.

But one thing is common among the candidates who become successful in the IELTS, and that is something exceptional. Well, it is Confidence! The self confidence the key to passing the IELTS with flying colors. This blog tells you how self-confidence makes the difference.

How to Succeed the IELTS with Confidence

Show Your Confidence in The Interview

The IELTS validates every aspect of your English skills, which includes speaking.

Just think what could happen if you showed up to a job interview quite nervous and the fear of rejection. Chances are, that you would perform badly.

Your interviewer might have trouble understanding you and might assume that you’re not capable of getting the job done well.

Write Your Essay with Grace

A lack of confidence gets unveiled in IELTS Speaking, but in IELTS Writing there are several ways to appear confident in your essay.

You need to write in a confident tone, use vocabulary and grammar which you’re comfortable with. You need to include a variety of words and grammar constructions, and even not overdo it. Always keep it simple. Too much of big and esoteric words and complex sentence structures would lead to more mistakes.

It might also appear unnatural, and all of this can affect your score. But if you use words and syntax which you understand well and feel confident in, nobody can stop you from being successful.

Stay Calm During Listening and Reading

To be successful, you need to be calm and confident, even in the face of danger that would make a person with less confidence, panic.

You need to be cool, calm, and engrossed throughout the Listening and Reading sections of the test. Don’t allow fear and panic set in.

Tips to be successful in the IELTS

Adress the questions, read passages, and audio with a strategy. Search for and listen to an essential keywords. Look for contextual clues to understand the meaning.

Apply elimination techniques on MCQs, and think logically when you have to write your own short answers.For this, you need to practice well and have a good revision before you appear for the exam.

An excellent way to do preparation for the IELTS is with the guidance of an experienced tutor who specializes in English as a second language.

Appearing for IELTS exam after sufficient preparation is a key to achieve success in IELTS.

How to prepare and be successful in the IELTS? Here we share important IELTS Exam Tips to help you be successful in IELTS!

1) Be realistic about your preparation

Be real with the way you prepare. Don’t make it exhaustive or boring. Allocate 4 weeks of study time.

Give yourself a good amount of time, at least 4 weeks of devoted study. For a few days, learn the test format. You will understand that the test is divided into different parts what is included, and what time to allocate for each section.

2) Know the test format

If you know the structure of the test format you can make adequate preparation for each section. Here’s a sample breakdown:


Half an hour

4 audio recordings

40 questions


An hour

4 academic passages; 3 general passages

40 questions


An hour

Task 1: 150 words (about 20 minutes)

Letter (general) – Explain chart/graph

Task 2: 250 words (about 40 minutes)

Essay (general and academic)


11-14 minutes

Part 1: Interview about personal information

Part 2: Short presentation (~2 minutes)

Part 3: Discussion

3) Practice topics of interest

Conduct own casual study by reading English articles or listening to the video clips in English; a great way to improve your reading and listening skills as well as vocabulary.

4) Do practice in managing the time

Time-management is another major key to achieve success. Once you know the parts of the test, and after practicing the methods, do some timed practice.

5) Practice your core English skills

Enhance your writing skills by writing a list of what you’ve heard or read. Try to understand the main idea of what you read or heard and think of at least three main points, the writer or speaker mentioned and make a gist. This will help in paraphrasing skills, development of vocabulary, and make you able to read and listen critically which are essential skills for success in IELTS.

Apply theory into practice and amalgamate speaking by talking to your friends or colleagues about something interesting which you read or heard. Just tell them about it, describe some interesting points, and detail why you found it so interesting. This will help to think spontaneously in English and to use vocabulary that you read or heard. Speaking as in conversations help you to produce new ideas, and that is significant for writing and speaking in the IELTS.

A tutor can guide and support and also help you to answer any questions you have as you come across during your preparation phase. Find a qualified English teacher in or near your locality to receive proper guidance and feedback that would definitely help you become successful in the IELTS.

With this, we conclude. Hope this blog will help you in your IELTS exam preparation. Stay connected with career advice to learn more about new career tips.

Good Luck!

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