How To Do IAS Preparation While Being A Working Professional

The desire to be an IAS gains prominence to school kids, undergraduates, graduates, doctorates, and also the working people. To say, the Civil Services is one of the aspiring prestigious careers in India. But it’s difficult for a working person to make time and prepare for IAS.

Making best use of time

If you are preparing for the IAS, this is most essential. Now how to make the best use of time is in your hand.

You must have heard that you need 15-18 hours daily to crack the IAS. But how could working people find the time? Well, every time that’s not required rather gets smarter with your preparation.

For prelims, the topics needed are current affairs, maps, comprehension, decision making, and statistics. These topics are easy and can be prepared even while traveling or your free time. Always keep the Manorama Year Book and Student Atlas in your bag for a quick study whenever possible.

GK based topics can also be studies during traveling or during office hours.

Map based questions are easy to score marks only you need to give 15 minutes to study the atlas daily. For studying maps, the Oxford Student Atlas is recommended.

Do more in less time

While being a working person, you need to make the best use of the limited amount of time that you get.

You need to focus on studying the most. Firstly you need to prepare things to study, the most important one you need to finish first.

Create a routine and follow it

The routine allows you to create focus and prepare the syllabus within a short time. Developing a routine is quite a must thing for working professionals.

Choose a time, could be in the evening or night or early morning when you can study uninterrupted for at least 2-3 hours. Some people prefer to study in the wee hours of the night while others like the calm and serene mornings. Daily dedicated study of 2-3 hours and the above-mentioned tips of reading newspaper, magazine, year book or atlas, are sufficient to be successful at the civil services.

You do not have to leave your job to do preparations

Several people are of the opinion that they need to leave their jobs to focus on preparations for becoming an IAS. Honestly speaking, dedicated preparation is the best alternative to quitting a job and doing preparations.

And those people with family responsibilities, be assured that even with all your work, you can prepare for civil services and come out successful. The new patters in prelims are such that you do not need focus on one subject to qualify.

Rather concentrate on the topics on general awareness, making decisions, language skills, and mathematic. All the topics can be prepared while doing your job at the same time. Maximum what you can do is take a 15 days leave before the prelims for a quick revision and a leave for a month from the job, before the IAS Mains.

Benefits of doing a job

It’s a fact that if you crack the IAS exams at the first or second try, then you are the peak of the career but what if the same doesn’t happen. Disappointment gets in and you with a job in hand, you won’t feel that scared. It’s always good to have something in hand.

Working people are free of several insecurities. They have a job to continue with. This thought keeps them calm and composed and solely concentrated on their preparation without wondering much about failures and consequences. And to prepare without thinking about the final results is the best way to prepare.

Moreover, people with jobs can put in money in important coaching things like test series, mock interviews etc which are luxuries and everyone cannot afford them.

Another big advantage of working people is during the interview stage and this is remarkable. The interview panel will definitely look upon with positivity and would favor someone who has reached the phase of the interview while working and previous job experience would add value to this.

Have a will to do

The fact is that it’s a thing of willpower. If you could be able to overcome the hurdles and accomplish the exam is all about your confidence and how you plan out. Hence the best attitude would be to have a winning attitude.

What are you thinking? Just be inspired and get ready for the IAS preparation. It’s a difficult but worthy journey to start with.

A good luck with your IAS preparation while you are working.

With this, we conclude our today’s discussion. Be sure in choosing the right career so you must be very careful in your endeavour.

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