Career Advice On How To Negotiate Salary Raise: What Things Not To Say

In the professional field, there are few situations which are anxiety-provoking like to confront your senior or boss and ask for a raise. Several times, we don’t know how to negotiate salary in the right way with the correct tone of communication. It is true that there are times when you need to take the first step towards securing a raise if you want that to happen and it means initiating the discussion and you should know the art of communication, especially what not to say.

Here we share some big “NO” that you must not utter while asking for:

1. I’ve been working here for X years…

There is a common notion that you owe a raise because you have been working for several years and the mistake is that when you put those thoughts into your conversation. Though a work anniversary is a common time of performance review, the fact is that your years of service don’t automatically talk about your value for your employer.

How you specifically contribute to your work and how that eventually contributes to your company must be the focus of your conversation on raise.

2. it’s not fair….

This implies that you are being treated unfairly and it interprets that you think your boss is not doing his job right. Your goal is a productive raise and your conversation must relate to defining yourself as a value to the company.

3. I know someone in this organization, who earns more than me….

Never start with such comparison, in fact never bring such comparisons within. Discussing salary with co-workers is not appreciated by employees. Moreover, it does not demonstrate your personal value, rather make things bitter.

4. You need me more than I need you…

This mode of conversation gives a negative effect. Chances are that they might prove you wrong and allow you to move ahead in your career instead of a raise in salary.

Remember the communication tone for salary raise must be classic. The bottom line is that if you’re planning to discuss with your boss about a raise in salary then let it appear persuasive and not with threats or negative vibes.

5. If I am not given the raise I want I’ll leave…

If you talk with such harsh tone, it rarely o\r never works at offices. It appears like an ultimatum and is threatening, and nobody likes to make threats. You might get a raise amidst negative feelings and that’s not a successful professional relationship or you might be shown the entrance.

Good Luck!

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