Here’s How Entry-Level Assistant Jobs Can Help You In long-term Career Success

Recent college grads seeking the opportunity to develop a wide variety of job-related skills can do so by pursuing entry-level assistant jobs.

That’s what Amanda Ponzar, Chief Marketing Officer of Community Health Charities, an Alexandria, VA-based non-profit federation did in her first job, and she started as an administrative assistant. Her current organization raises awareness and funds via workplace campaigns and strategic partnerships. She credits her various experiences as an assistant as a secret behind her career growth and success.

The college grads must consider assistant jobs as stepping towards their success and to build important job skills. Assistant jobs help to offer a paycheck to start paying off educational loans or debt.

The college grads might seek assistant jobs, be it for an administrative assistant, office assistant, marketing assistant, personal assistant or executive assistant can also learn the below mentioned important career skills, says Britton:

  • Time and project management

  • Continual learning opportunities

  • Budget and negotiation

  • Verbal and written communication skills

  • Specialized skills based on organization/industry

  • Inside company knowledge

The founder of Everything’s Not Ok and That’s OK Coaching, Alissa Carpenter mentioned about three skills which the organizations believe that are lagging in the millennials. The skills are:

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Teamwork

  • Communication skills

So don’t you think, the role as an assistant to be successful in your career is a real asset for entry-level jobs seekers? This not only build credibility and experience on your resume, but the people you come across could help you with reference in future.

In words of Ponzar, an assistant job must never be underestimated as a way to get ahead with success in life.

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