How Is Facebook Helpful In Job Searching

How useful has become Facebook job search? Could you sideline conventional methods? To know more keep reading our today’s blog on career advice.

1) Should people forgo traditional methods in job searching to find new gigs on social sites like Facebook and Twitter? Why that trend started?

The answer to this is No! People must not forget about traditional networking methods. Though job seekers must take an advantage of social platforms to connect with new people and then convert these connections from online to in-person interactions.

The trend towards social sites started to occur for the past several years, as employers like the idea of finding candidates via social recruiting.

In simple words, the trend began because several employers are of the opinion that they get better candidates and in lesser time.

2) A study finds a correlation between chatting with close friends online and the likelihood of finding a job–is in contrary to the old thinking that your store of familial ties are more likely to find a job.

It’s obvious that it could be useful to communicate online to close friends to find a job. But Statistics might support the referrals as sources of hiring, and the word “close friend” could be a key to interpreting the study.

It does not require a close friend in a traditional way to make a good job referral. One of the best things about the internet is that you can expand your network of knowing people, establish likeness and trust without needing to meet those people in person.

Smart job seekers take advantage of various online tools to get identified and connect with new people in their networks who could help them. Some of them might become “online close friends”.

3) What could be the best methods for using social media to successfully find a job?

1. Know their expertise. Job seekers must post frequent updates and information to exhibit their knowledge in their field. Hence, the job seeker’s social stream becomes a live resume which an employer or a networking contact can review to relate with position compatibility.

2. Learn new things from what speakers share at professional conferences without leaving home but through social media streams.

3. Grow the network. It is always better to know more people. There is no fast or shortcut to it, You can become part of online communities. Next, that casual networking familiar people could become close friends who help find jobs.

4. To be found in searches. The job seekers want to backpedal, the hiring process from a “push” to a “pull” method. Instead of applying for jobs, how it would be to apply for jobs that come to you? Social media makes you a sought-after person.

Job seekers who get into social networking platform with the above-mentioned points in mind will benefit the most from the employers.

Want to circumvent typical job seeker mistakes? Keep reading our career advice and next time you go for a walk in interview be better prepared with our tips and advice.

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