What To Expect In a Job Interview?

If you are studying in a school or in a university or you have completed your graduation this blog is for you to show that there are plenty of walk in interview and it is not something that difficult to crack. It is just a formal meeting between an employer and the candidate to check out for their job compatibility.

Define Job interview

An interview is conducted between the employer and the candidate or the hiring manager or HR and the candidate for assessing the candidate from the company’s perspective and assessing the company from the candidate perspective. If everything falls in place then the candidate is selected or the candidate accepts the job offer. To reach this stage there are several stages of interviews that is conducted.

What happens during a job interview?

Here is a step by step explanation:

Pre-interview phase

This is the phase very you will complete all the job application process that is mailing the cover letter along with resume to the manager or the HR team. You may even phase a telephonic round before inviting you for a face to face interview. They might want to know your confidence in your speech and your background qualifications.

The Interview Phase: Beginning

The venue of your interview might be in your college or university but generally it is done at the company location. Once your arrive, you might need to wait till the manager wants to see you. It is basically a one to one interview with your manager followed by the HR round.

Types of Questions asked in an interview

Verification Interview: Here you will face questions like Tell me something about yourself or describe yourself. You need to give a brief description of yourself by your name, qualification, marks, university, native, and siblings. Be confident and neat.

Competency/Behavioral Interview: Here you will be asked questions assessing your behavior like what are your strengths or weaknesses and explain the challenging situation that you faced and won it successfully. Be assertive.

Situational Interview: You would be given a scenario and asked to solve it for example how will you resolve an internal conflict within the company.

Stress Interview: Here you will be asked brain teasing questions like how many steps did you climb before reaching this place? Be intelligent in answering like as many steps I will climb down.

There are plenty of job openings for freshers so do not worry be confident.

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