Dos and Don’t s In An Interview

There are lots of candidates who fail in interviews and if you want to succeed in your interview. In today’s competitive world it is very difficult to crack an interview and above all you need to impress the employer for standing out from others. Don’t worry there are lots of Pune jobs available for IT freshers.


1. Handshake

At the time of entering the interview room it is very crucial to give a prompt handshake to the interviewer. To show the confidence level of the candidate it is very important to give a firm handshake.

2. Have a good outfit

Although it is said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, still first impression counts and therefore wear clean and well groomed clothes.

3. Hold Eye Contact

You will be more appealing and appear as if you are interested if you hold a good eye contact and you will connect with them and respond well at the interview.


1. Turn Up Late

Don’t be late to the interview as it will create a bad impression and you will be considered unreliable and hap-hazardous candidate. It is always advised to be early by 10-15 minutes and also calculate about the journeying time from your home town to here.

2. Bad-mouth

Do not tell bad about your ex employees or colleagues irrespective of the type of interview, even an informal one as it will create an image that you are untrustworthy and troublesome employee.

3. Don’t take it casually

Don’t be unorganized or forgetful by appearing to the interview without CV copy, work experience letter etc. Most of the time you will be revealed whether to bring the documents or not. There are lots of mechanical jobs for freshers to make your career in this field.

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