Don’t Take Negative Feedback Personally In Job Search

Most of the candidates don’t know how to deal with feedback and here is a career advice for those freshers searching for jobs in Pune.

1) Who is more important than what:

Suppose if you are attending an interview and if the interviewer gives you some positive feedback then you can consider his/her view but if someone outside the industry who does not have any knowledge regarding the field gives feedback then you should think twice before accepting it.

2) Feedback’s are not meant to make you upset:

If the interviewer gives you a negative feedback don’t take it personally or take it to your heart. These interviews and rejections are part of life so take it as a learning experience. Do not dwell in depression as there are more things to come in life.

3) Ask a lot of questions:

You will get to know a lot of stuffs only by asking questions. Clarify all the doubts you have and this will show that you are interested in improving. For assessing the feedback’s and criticism you need to ask more and more questions. The person providing the feedback will also give more tips in the future letting you to improve.

4) Action speaks louder than words:

Focus more on the positive than the negative. If you failed in the interview do not think bad or beat up yourself. Channelize your energy into something positive or do it better next time. Join a gym and sweat all the negativities out. You can also take up photography classes to fill up yourself with something you love.

Everyone faces negative but then not everybody uses or make best out of it. If you have failed in the job search or in the entry level engineering jobs just keep moving forward and do something better.

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