How To Crack Your Internship Interview?

If you are placed for an internship in a good company you will get a good hike in your careers of engineering. So here are few career advice for clearing the HR interview:

Why do you choose us for internship?

If you have gathered information about th company and about the profile then you will answer this question wisely. The apt answer for this question will help the interviewers know about your goal and gives them a fair chance of seeing your ability and skills for helping you in preparing great work in the internship role

Tell me about your academic options

This question will reveal your decision making skills and how well you work under stress and pressure. The interviewer is judging you based on your answers so be wise and give an example of your academic options and how well you chose to shape your career in the future.

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How can you achieve your goals using this internship?

This question is asked by the interviewer to know more about your career goals. He/she is gathering information from you:

1) What are your next steps in your career path, any idea?

2) Internships offering and career goals, do they fit with each other?

3) Understanding and knowledge with respect to the internship position.

4) Your research in understanding the organisation.

What do you think about the industry?

This question is asked to you by the interviewer to understand your industrial knowledge. They do not expect you give a speech on it. They just want to know how well versed are you in gathering the latest trends and updates about the industry. What are the new innovations that are about to come? Etc.

Why did you choose this college and this stream?

This is again to check about your decision making skills but from educational point of view especially your chosen stream is different from the internship your are currently in for an interview.

There are many walk in interview jobs and mechanical jobs for freshers and all you need to do is follow the above points and crack the internship interview successfully.

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