Career Advice: Top 5 Common Accounting Interview Questions

Your resume will not fetch you a job unless and until you perform well in the personal interview. It is very important for you to practice these common accounting interview questions. Let us see these accounting interview questions:

1. What makes you choose accounting as your career?

This accounting interview question is frequently asked just to begin the conversation in the interview comfortably between the employer and the candidate. You need to answer this genuinely about your interest regarding this field and how did you end up choosing it. You can also show your part-time experience in this field.

2. What do you know about accounting standards?

You might be a fresher but then you must know the answer to this accounting interview question. Going through the IFRS (International Finance Reporting Standards) will give you the required knowledge. You need not study it in detail but just be aware of the recent updates in this field.

3) How can you reduce the number of errors you might commit?

You would be responsible to give good quality work because if you commit a small silly mistake then it can lead to financial problems. Thus you need to be careful in monitoring such errors. With respect to this accounting interview question, you need to provide a real-life example where you actually debugged an error and rectified it.

4) How have you been effective in cutting down the expenses?

If you are a fresher then it will be very difficult for you to answer this accounting interview question. In such cases, you need to mention something about the internship or the project which you have done during your college days and assure the hiring manager that you would be beneficial for them.

5) Your dream position after five years?

This common accounting interview question is asked to observe your confidence, ambition, and insight. You need to answer this question in an ideal, achievable way and how this current job profile will help you to reach there. Apart from that, you must also talk about your idea to pursue a master’s degree in accounting. You can also mention how ambitious you are in earning a CPA license and how it will be beneficial for the company.

Always be optimistic in answering the interview questions and show your interest and eagerness towards the work you want to do. This will give a good impression to the hiring manager that you are not here just to earn money or gain experience. You will definitely get hired if you follow the above interview tips.

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