Change Your Career When You Notice These Things

To not to be satisfied with the present job is very common and you will find many like you. 2017 is at the end and many must be thinking about taking up a new job. This could be changing present employer or a whole new career. If you are confused about whether change your career and job, or not, this blog will help you understand the situations apt for thinking about changes.

Again it is well known that everything seems beautiful on the other side and some may continue with the present job and career. But if situations get worse, then you need to switch careers or the present job.

But how to say that, whether you need a change or not. How could you decide if it is the right time for a change?

Here we share a list of 10 signs you need a career change.

1) Fear of Sunday night :

This not only affects your Sunday night but can impact on any evening before you have to go to work in the morning. If you work from Monday to Friday and plummet on Sunday evening on a sofa, fearing what Monday will bring, it could be time to look at making a change. More significantly, if you lose sleep over work, the time is for some change.

2) No passion for the job:

Work is worship and without passion, you can’t be real in your worship. When the passion is gone, your soul doesn’t feel the spark on the job. The feeling of getting stuck, being used and of no future in it makes you feel sad and unchallenged. This says it is time to change the job.

3) Your future is blurry:

First, you need to differentiate, if it is a job or a career. There is a fine line between the two. Some people seem happy to do a job, finish it and go home, content at the thought that at the end of the month they can pay their bills. But if you want something more, say a promotion or a career hierarchy to make your way up and you feel your current job is a dead end, might be this is enough to be sure that you need to see for something else.

4) To feel undervalued:

When you feel undervalued the consequence is de-motivation. It is the key reason to feel rubbish about what they do, feeling they achieve little and that frankly, if they don’t turn up to the office, next day, it really doesn’t matter.

5) Feel your soul is sucked out:

Some workplace has a management which is not transparent, with one false promise followed by another. The fact is that some workplaces are just not healthy work environments and the negative impact of this cannot be underestimated. If you are not seriously in love with your workplace, it is time to take your feet out.

6) Dragging-clock syndrome:

It is real pain to keep watching the clock ticking slowly. Every passing minute appears to be hours and hours. Consistent boredom kills passion, motivation and any sense of self-respect which you started your job with.

7) To feel trapped:

This could be a physical sense or a psychological one, and being stunted by not being able or permitted to grow in your job. It might be that you are doing wrong to yourself by sticking with something which is unfulfilling. This is the right time to overcome the trap and find your own space.

8) The pay is not good:

Low payment is part of some job, but what if two people are in the same role yet being paid differently. One is paid lesser than his colleague, and then this is real time to think about changes.

9) You envy your friends:

When you hear the joys shared by friends or family as they talk about their work, do you hide your envy with a smile? If so, then know that’s it’s time to be in action.

10) You can no more recognize yourself:

When your work becomes a reason for your identity crisis, there should be no other reason that you must start to look for a new job. Instead of heading for the same old job, why not upgrading yourself in a skill in your field or something new; you could get enrolled for an online or distant education course.

With this, we conclude.

If you are still in your old job and not happy with it; commuting back and forth to the same office but want a change, the office that’s made you everyday miserable for the last year and show you no signs of improving your present situation, then this blog will help you decide, what next!

If your boss has overlooked you for promotion more than once; your colleagues who could behave like robots and the long working hours, the less pay packet, the meetings that make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable, then try considering for another job or career.

The job itself numb you at mind, your time is wasted, your talents not recognized, you feel miserable and question yourself worth, then it’s time to know that you have retained your potential but in a wrong place and among wrong people. Change, is the word for you.

So instead of thinking how to position yourself in this miserable condition, consider about changes for self, which could help you in progress in life and career.

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