What Interview Outfits To Wear By An Entry Level Job Seeker

It is known that “ the first impression is the last impression”.Here your interview outfit is a big part to play to create an impression as a potential employer. So it’s important that candidates go prepared their best. Today in career advice we summarised some recommendations for your help. Do some research about the organization’s culture Job seekers should research

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Read About These Famous People And Get Inspired To Never Give Up

Often we tend to give up. But the fact is that success comes at the edge. For today’s blog on career advice, we share a few household names who struggled their way to success. Some lived in their car, others suffered family abuse, and almost all encountered several rejections both professionally and personally, before getting success. To know about them,

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Here’s How Entry-Level Assistant Jobs Can Help You In long-term Career Success

Recent college grads seeking the opportunity to develop a wide variety of job-related skills can do so by pursuing entry-level assistant jobs. That’s what Amanda Ponzar, Chief Marketing Officer of Community Health Charities, an Alexandria, VA-based non-profit federation did in her first job, and she started as an administrative assistant. Her current organization raises awareness and funds via workplace campaigns

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