Career Tips To Get Your Dream Job Now, Don’t Wait Until Graduation

We often wait for the completion of our graduation to start our work life. But as you are becoming senior, you should focus on the reality of gradually entering the working world. Don’t worry. It might seem early to start thinking about post-graduation life but the fact is that it is rather the perfect time to start planning your career. Here at career advice, we share four tips to help you get on the right path, both during and after graduation:

Start to think about the jobs you want.

Though college life is a fun experience, it’s also the phase where you could explore your passion and interest. You must be giving a general idea of what you want to be in life, or at least what you don’t wish to do. But only having a general idea is not sufficient, it’s prime time to start converging your focus.

Lydia Dallett from Business Insider recommends that graduating seniors must figure out what their goals are, it could be related to a job offer, grad school, or a summer internship and next make weekly plans to attain that goal.

Customize your resume.

Instead of focusing your resume on different courses and experiences for every role, ensure you customize each resume and cover letter to the job advertisements as well. To do this, you have to look at the job posting; mainly under “Duties and Responsibilities” and/or the “Required Skills” sections; next, you have to take the word used in the job advertising to describe your skills and experience. This will bring your resume in instant notice of the interviewer.

Network a lot.

A strong professional network significant in getting your dream job. This is because an internal recommendation is considered more trustworthy and efficient than searching for online hires through applications.

One could ask for introductions to relevant professionals, and for personal and professional recommendations. You can earn inspiration by looking at the resume and cover letters of other professionals who either have the job you aspire or who work for companies you admire.

Stay focused after your graduation.

Never settle before you get the best job offer. Once you get a job offer, negotiate the salary. Far from considering you as “difficult,” initiating a negotiation can make you earn more respect from your employer. It shows that how prepared you are with your homework. And on the job, try maintaining a learning mindset. Volunteer eagerly for projects, give a positive nod to meetings and gather as much information you can. If you make mistakes, be honest enough to apologize! Be humble, and always put your best effort.

Keep the above things in mind while you intend to make an impact in careers in IT and in every field. Keep connected with this space of career advice and remain updated with our tips and advice and also learn about the latest jobs in IT and other fields.

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