Career Tips: Common Networking Mistakes You Must Avoid

Networking is a quite popular thing nowadays and this is very connecting. And it happens to be quite challenging as well. You don’t want to be passive but even you don’t wish to appear desperate and hence a very balancing act it must be. No worries, if you are afraid of some common networking mistakes, keep reading this blog, it would help you.

Networking mistakes to avoid:

1. Don’t wait for them to make the first move

You must make an initiative and take the first step too. It might not be easy, but will get easier with time. The more you do, the better you get. Sideline your nervousness, you will feel better and confident.

2. You making an effort to sell yourself

You are networking to get connected, hence do not try to sell yourself. Try for some genuine connection and not trying hard to sell yourself.This would give a selfish opinion about yourself.

3. You don’t know them

This fear is another networking mistakes. Do some homework and be prepared. Gather some facts about their profile. Know about their interests, this would ease you.

4. Asking people if they can help you with a job

Not an acceptable behavior. Also avoid to help you with any job referrals. That might sound too rude and unprofessional. Its always a bad idea to ask for a job just being straightforward. Try to develop a good relationship before you come to this point.

5. Talking too much

A big red flag and a deadly networking mistakes. Do not be over talkative. It might appear odd to others. You must know how much to say and what not. Too much conversation that too one sides, might bore them. Let the communication be two-sided.

6. Not listening to others

Avoid this networking mistakes. Networking must be two way. You nee to listen to others too. You are to meet new people and talk to them, but listening is also a must. Pay attention to what others are saying. You might get to learn several useful tips and tricks that can be applied in your business. Always likes a good listener.

7. No business card

Networking means talking to people and to exchange business cards. Without business card, it won’t be easy to do networking. Keep them handy and get your basic information written on them and hand them out as you come across new people.

8. Don’t be sloppy

You would like to little drink little to calm your nerves, but don’t get over drunk. This won’t be charming or professional. Others won’t like it and would choose not to talk with you again. Another wrong practice is wearing too much casual dress. You must wear a formal dress and appear professional too.

Always know that your first impression is the last impression.

To conclude, several people dread networking events. Do not avoid or fear them. Do not shy out. Be assertive, well informed and genuinely interested. Everyone wants to feel important.

If you can make them feel important, they would want you around. Always try to appear professional. Give significance to your appearance and carry your business card.

At first go, you might not succeed. But with practice, you will improve and gain experience. With time you will progress. Always remember to the above rules and avoid the mistakes mentioned.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance on how to write a resume after your college. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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