Amazing Career Opportunities In Sound Engineering

Sound engineering: A demanding career:

Until now career opportunities in sound engineering are quite shallow and this is the reason it is not chosen as a primary career option. Therefore they ended up making their career into television shows, Bollywood film projects or radio stations but there is a slow change which is happening like the enhancement of national independent music scene, the demand for recording artists and international DJs, implies that the possibilities are quite impressive.

Steps to become a sound engineer:

If you want to become a sound engineer then you need to apply for sound engineering courses in Pune and Bangalore and get good career opportunities in this field. There are various kinds of courses like degree courses in sound engineering, diploma in sound engineering, a certificate program in live sound. It is not mandatory that you need to have a science background to choose this field you can also opt for this course after your 10th and 12th.

There are seven modules in diploma in sound engineering course:

  • First module focuses on the introduction of sound engineering

  • Second module introduces various sound equipment and their functions

  • Third module focuses on music and famous sound software- Pro Tools

  • Fourth module is about music production, sampling, and software like Ableton Live and Logic Pro.

  • Fifth module is about films and post-production, computer gaming sound etc.

  • Sound mastering and acoustics are the learned in Module six

  • Seventh module is all about live sound.

If you want to make your career in Live sound production then you can also choose the 3-week Certification Program in Live Sound. Here are a few topics covered over here:

  • Film Sound

  • Music Production

  • Understanding acoustic environments and studio design

  • Working knowledge of physics of sound

  • Software: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton, Nuendo/Cubase

  • Live Sound

  • Recording gear operation

  • Golden Ears training programme

  • Advanced Digital Tech and Electronic Music Production

The prospects:

It is a known fact that there has been an excellent growth in career opportunities in various fields and let us see the list of following profiles:

  • Mixing Engineer

  • Sound Designer

  • Sound Recordist

  • Music Arranger

  • Location Recordist

  • Audio Engineer

  • Studio Manager

  • Sound Engineer

  • Live Sound Engineer

  • Studio Designer

  • Promo Producer

  • Radio Sound Engineer

  • Acoustic Consultant

If you are interested to make your career in sound engineering then apply for any certification course or do a full-time degree course. It is certain that there are lots of wonderful career opportunities in this field.

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