Career Opportunities For People With Learning Disabilities

The irony of our civilized society is that often the children with learning disabilities are not asked what could be their wish on growing up. Do you know that there are various career options coming up for them? No! Well, keep reading our today’s blog in career advice to know more.

We expect less from children with learning disabilities:

With most children having learning disabilities, this question is often not asked.

Do they have any employment opportunities? Usually getting support from parents and teachers during the school journey, some of them despair that they can never take up normal jobs. But the scene is not true!

What is different?

Technology is their best friend

Today, technology is the best friend of any young person with learning disabilities. Many of our work is done digitally. Owing to text-to-speech programs and automatic spell-check programs, you don’t need to be a spelling expert.

People with dysgraphia (a type of writing disorder) and dyslexia (a language disorder) can heave a sigh of relief. People with the arithmetic disorder (dyscalculia) often avoid mathematics as a subject and careers that need them to deal with calculations every day. The fact is that there are many options or scopes available to them.

Career options available for people with learning disabilities:

Children with ADHD, dyscalculia, dyslexia, and dysgraphia often do very well, in jobs of creativity, diversity and excitement. They usually opt for jobs where there is interaction with people or about handling situations as they arise.

1. A large fraction of the young people moves towards classic art (painting, illustration or photography) and the applied arts like designing, animation, etc.

2. Many areas within media suit them well. Many with dysgraphia, can become wonderful journalists and authors, once they are free from writing.

3. Advertising is another area which appeals them.

4. Many take to performing arts. There is a big list of people who took to a profession and became models, actors, DJ’s, TV anchors, songwriters and choreographers who have learning disabilities.

5. Those who like meeting and connecting with people will find sales and marketing, retail works, and event management an interesting area.

6. Fashion and sports management, though new areas, also suit them.

7. Social work and teaching, mainly dealt with craft, are good options as well.

Those who find technology comfortable and loves it, also have a number of options. People with medical conditions like Asperger syndrome or Nonverbal Learning Disability can flourish in a career that needs the ability for focused and intelligent problem solving, without being in a crowd.

1. They could take up areas like software development, video game programming, hardware testing, web design, ethical hacking, etc.

2. There is technical side of media also like filmmaking, editing or sound engineering.

3. Scientific research and biotechnology could also work very well for those who love physics, chemistry and biology.

Number of challenges and lots of opportunities:

At the end, research shows that people with learning disabilities face the same challenges as any adult While choosing a new career, but with added difficulties like problems like writing skills, information processing, reading, time management and organizational skills.

A significant statistic says that technology and developing strategies which are fruitful, helps them to become successful and happy.

So there is no reason to dishearten, hope this blog finds you in a positive mood.

There are several job openings for fresher, but what is missing is the intersectional point where the requirement of the employer is met by the skills of the candidate. Keep looking for more in our career advice and next time go for walk-in interview jobs or scheduled interview jobs with more confidence.

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