Career Guidance: Tips For Job Seekers During Holidays

With the gradual improvement of the economy, the job market is showing good signs for the job-seekers. Randstad, the second largest HR services and staffing company in the world, has created a few tips for job seekers.

Here we share you some of the tips to help you in your job search:

1. Don’t stop holiday networking

One of the best career advice that I came across is this. The holiday season offers various networking opportunities. Personal and business parties are opportunities to get social with your new contacts and make some new connections as well. The holidays are the best time to reconnect.

2. Strategise your job search

When you are doing a job search you need to make a strategy, research about the fastest-growing careers in your industry. Mobile devices have 57 percent of growth, and also career opportunities in are increasing. An essential career advice to make your strategies ready.

3. Be open for temporary or contract positions

A study found that temporary employees have higher job satisfaction in comparison to full-time workers.What you need to do is keep your feet on the threshold. Once you have got a contract, make yourself so valuable that they don’t wish to lose you as an employee.

4. What are your contacts

With about 12.1 million unemployed people and about 3.6 million vacant positions in the US as per The Bureau of Labor Statistics, many job searchers rely on job portals where several of them might apply to every post. If there are certain companies in mind, take advantage of your personal network and tey getting the opportunities. Don’t be surprised if you see the companies in your mind will actually link with your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

5. Try to work with a recruiter

Some employers share confidential searches and get connected with recruiter networks to get employees. Another advantage of making use of a recruiter is to gain access to their connections to HR and recruiting managers, and also the inside knowledge of the company. Recruiters train and prepare you for the entire process of hiring, which actually a benefit when you get to know the culture of a prospective company and several important information not shared in open. So it’s an important career advice to work with a recruiter to know the insider knowledge.

6. Update your LinkedIn and social network pages

LinkedIn is an online, searchable mode of your CV. Often recruiters use LinkedIn to find and reach out good candidates. The platform offers employers more information than a CV and allows them to view your recommendations and the connections. Before you apply for any position, make your social media profiles clean of unnecessary clutters. Several employers find the good candidates by looking at the social media profile.

7. Recheck all materials

Often one tends to do spelling or grammatical errors in cover letters and CVs and fail to do a good proofread. Another error is to send materials with the name of the wrong company, hiring manager or job post mentioned. Several hiring managers would throw away your CV with typos. The significant career advice is to try to avoid these common and deadly mistakes. Its always wise for a peer review of all the materials before sending your resume and be sure to check out for any common error.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance for today. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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