Career Guidance: Tips For Those Preparing For The IBPS and SBI PO And Clerk Exams

Are you appearing for the SBI and IBPS PO and Clerk exams? Then this blog on career guidance tips for bank job aspirants will definitely be your help.

Bank job, for some, is the lure of a stable government job, while for some it is a matter of prestige for being a bank officer. Whatever be the reason, in the next few years, it is largely expected for several bank job vacancies and many aspirants preparing to compete for the same.

There are several rather many coaching centres coming up at every nook and corner of a city, and with big promises. A few of them might be good, but most of them have nothing special to back up their claims. The only thing that helps you is your hard work and your calibre.

Here we share with you some career guidance tips for the bank aspirants.

Prepare For IBPS and SBI Exams at Home

This preparation is not a very difficult task, provided you are sincere.

Why not go to coaching institutes?

  • Some institutes are there which claims that they can help you in materializing your dreams. They share names and images of students who have secured seats in bank exams in previous years. Here we share some thought.

  • Some coaching centres are good. But most of the good ones have brilliant students enrolling with them and easily cleared the exam, even if it wasn’t for the coaching center. Statistics could be misleading, an institute must have 600 candidates but it ranks has only 10 candidates who succeeded, they will never show you the rest 590 who did not succeed, but the 10 who secured positions.

  • Also, if a candidate studies at an institute, left in middle, due to whatever reasons and then got selected, will also be mentioned in the advertisements by the institutes. Did you notice that the toppers of CBSE exams are shown in the advertisements of almost every institute in the city?

Suppose you didn’t take our advice and enrolled in a coaching institute, then you have to pay a good fee. And if you happen to stay at a hostel or as a rent, your expenditure is just double or triple without any assurance that you will succeed.

Their assurance on selection is – 100%* (*with conditions applied)

Just ask yourself, why to go for something which applies condition before providing service?

The only thing which decides whether you crack the bank exams is your efforts and calibre.

Career guidance tips on why to prepare for IBPS and SBI exams at home. What are the advantages?

Here are a few reasons why to study at home will have more advantages in your preparation for the exams.

  • If you have all the necessary study material at home, that too at a lesser price than coaching material, then why spend more?

  • You won’t lose confidence sitting in a class of 30-200 students, some of them are geniuses and can give an answer before you finish reading the question.

  • You won’t waste time and energy on travelling to and fro from the coaching institute. Save time on getting ready, travel time, time wasted in chit-chat with your friends etc.

  • You can develop your own thinking whenever you get stuck on a question. This is not possible at coaching institutes, where the teachers will guide you. But, you will need to depend on your own thinking in the exam.

  • If you think you won’t be able to study at home because your happy-go-lucky attitude or you are lethargic, and then know that you can’t study at institutes as well.

  • It’s all about to understand the concepts and solve problems based on them. The concepts are difficult to grasp, and you can have enough practice with the books available, both online and offline.

Career guidance tips on how to prepare at home for IBPS and SBI PO and Clerk Exams

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Find and get the best books for IBPS and SBI bank exams.

  • Go through previous years’ solved sample papers and try to understand the type of questions being asked.

  • First, try to solve them yourself and in case you can’t, refer the solution.

  • When you finish plasticising with individual sections and are confident to tackle the entire paper, start solving the sample papers in a book.

  • Always take help of a stopwatch to keep a check on the time matter. Aim to complete the exam in 1hr 50 minutes. Try to solve sections in different combinations to see which works the best.

  • After finishing your sample papers in a given time, you can next try and lower your time by learning some definitions which you can be complete within a few seconds.

  • After these preparations, you are ready and equipped with the knowledge to take the bank exams. All you need to do now is trying and bring your total attempt time to about 1hr 30 minutes.

Hope this information helps you on career guidance in deciding to whether enrol in coaching centres or invests time and study at home. With this, we conclude. Stay connected with us for more career guidance tips in every field of profession.

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