Career Guidance Tips For Graduates To Know Before Your First Job

Every year several graduates come out of the college and join the race of job seekers. But how good would be if you were prepared for how would the job searching be and everything related to finding your first job. If you’re feeling nervous, you need not worry, here we share with you all some essential things to know for the first time job seekers.

As experts state that, your first job is like your first day of the school. In most cases, you are unknown to anyone, you’re not sure if the other ‘kids’ would be nice or be mean to you, you don’t know anything about the new workplace or even where to find the washroom, and you’re in so much doubt if you would fit in the first place.

The best way to be sure about success in a new job is to learn from others. IT could be from your senior, any relative or any random person whom you know personally. Just get some learning experience from them.

It is not supposed to be known by you, how could be the work commitments in the workplace. And of course in no teachings in any books, you will find how to say a no to any question or how to ask your reporting manager to distribute your work.

And saying NO to requests is really a tough thing to do.

Here are the essential things you should keep in mind while choosing the right career and finding your new job.

No one expects you to be an expert at your work.

You are expected to show an eagerness to learn and also act like you are confident. But there remains the substance of the job. Every one of your co-workers would consider you as a dumb graduate with no idea what you’re doing, which, in a quite a fortunate coincidence, is the true scenario. Your employer hired you because they considered you might make a competent employee one day, not because you have an excellent degree in English. You need to relax and accept that it’s okay to be in over your head for the initial days and pay attention to your colleagues, and learn from them.

Don’t reinvent anything.

The best way to complete some tough task assigned to you for the first time is to find an example done by someone who’s been there earlier to you. And seek some help from it and the colleagues who were there before you.

Go out with your co-workers when invited.

If they’re your age and/or you live in a cool city. Your work gets more tolerable and enjoyable if you actually enjoy the people you work with or you come across every day, and they enjoy you back. If they go for happy hours, accompany them. If they have a potluck once a month, you can fetch a nice bottle of wine and join them.

Do not go to work hung over.

Yes, people notice everything! If you just change from boxers to briefs, at least two people will stop you in the hallway will ask if you’re walking differently, which means that they will absolutely notice if you’re wearing sunglasses at your desk and/or throwing up in the bathroom.

Say yes to everything.

It could be that one of your managers wants you to prepare a last-minute client pitch. Just give a positive nod. If asked for making the last minute power point presentation; just say a yes. If you help people out, they would like you and will be eager to offer help when you need.

New clothes are important.

At the office, you must appear professional and you must be well groomed. It is okay if you have to spend little more money if you have to get an office office-appropriate wardrobe. But it is not a good idea to dress like a child or carelessly. The dressing sense impacts on your personality.

One essential thing is that while beginning your career it is to remember that the best way to earn respect is by showing respect towards others. And the best way you can do is by listening more than talking, avoid interrupting others while they’re speaking, understand all angles of a topic before expressing your opinions, show appreciation for help or hard work, and also showing compassion and humility while you interact with others.

It is undeniably true, most of the time in your lifetime; you spend more time at work. So consider your job as essential as your family. Maintain a professional relationship with your seniors, managers and co-workers will always be of help at workplace.

With this, we conclude. Remember the above career tips and being a job seeker you need to be wise while you take a decision of choosing a new career. Stay connected with career advice to know more about a walk in interview jobs.

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