Career Guidance Tips On How To Do Executive Networking For Job Search

Many of you faced it, several would not have yet. You do lots of networking to finally land yourself somewhere unless you are quite lucky.

Hence, come out for job boards and stop wasting time and sending your resume to online postings. To mention, several executive job seekers make use of job boards to find jobs, only about 5-10%, will get a job through them.

You must know what kind of job you want and also which organization or company offers the job opportunities. So you need to research and target several companies and find out how to help them in meeting their present needs.

Your mission is to research and define your personal brand around that could make you more valuable amidst your competitors, and create a CV, LinkedIn profile, and other career materials.

You need to deal with HR and executive recruiters sometimes, but try to become a somewhat known entity in your target companies.

First, decide whom to connect, the decision makers and other employees at any professional level – where they are present online or offline. LinkedIn would help you with company profiles and also each company’s website could help you.

The best way to get a job is through a referral.

Here we share how to get your desired job:

Build an executive network

1. Tell people how they could help you.

You must be intelligently able to talk about yourself and your value in the marketplace. If you can’t tell what you are looking for, how could they help you?

Based on your target and research work, you must write a statement that shows your personal brand and expertise, and be ready to use anytime.

2. Connect well with people you know

Reconnect with your existing network.

It’s good to be back to the circle. With small apology, express feeling bad for not being able to reconnect sooner. Reconnect and revive the relationship. And see if they can recommend you and write a letter of introduction, for you.

3. Connect with new faces.

Your current network is great. But you need to reach out to a new network as well. Below we mention some of the networking tips to help you connect with new people.

Where to connect to networking?


The best place for executive networking. Take part in Groups, post updates, and reconnect with people you knew, and make new connections. You need to get busy.


Search your target contacts. Follow and retweet them. Also follow the companies they are in, recruiting experts, and job boards. An active presence on Twitter also shows that you are updated and a social media- enthusiast.

Facebook and other social platforms

Each has some benefit. Decide how much time to spend in which social platform and which one would benefit you.

4.Blogging and Online Media

If you want to bring the flow of people then write an article on your sites, post comments to showcase your brand and promise your value.

Related professional associations

Join groups. Write articles in your area of specifications for newsletters and websites. Guide a new member or a lesser experienced professional.

Offline networking events

Besides online reach, you can go for industry and trade events, conferences, or local events.


Connect to local companies by volunteering. Get into your area of expertise and passion to participate in community events,

How to keep networking happy and engaged?

Practice give and take for networking. Reach out to new contacts with an attitude of mutual help. Not to expect favors without giving something in return.

Be kind, take it slow. Don’t be offended if you don’t get an equal response.

Practice good listening. People remember those showing interest as a listener and indulge in good discussions.

Develop relationships with remaining in touch. Send cards for special days by regular mail. Email you cal also with links to blog posts and articles you know they would like.

Be friendly. Nobody likes one who whines and complains a lot about bad things.

Express your gratitude. Always be grateful for showing your thankfulness.

Strategically you need to plan how to spread your personal brand and promise of value across the network. You simply don’t know when someone makes you a decision maker and your networking benefits you.

With this, we conclude our today’s discussion. Be sure in choosing the right career so you must be very careful in your endeavor.

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