Career Guidance Tips On The Dos And Don’ts Of References

If you have quality job references then know that they are gold. So it is wise not to treat job references poorly. Rather show it with much grace. This blog shall discuss how to treat your references with much respect.

To mention, companies nowadays rarely give references (besides dates of employment and job titles), the references from your co-workers and former managers becomes quite more essential to solicit and maintain. While the thorough and intrusive background checks get you to in finding the job, the job references could kill your opportunity before the background check is even done.

Here we discuss a process for using your references like an achievement; you will be so outside the norm of how it is done, you would produce a standard for everyone else who would ask for a job reference from yours.

You must have two objectives while you give the right treatment to your references: Prepare them for a possible reference call, and, keep them well informed about the position such that they get an idea to what they did.

1. Ask if they could be your reference to a new position you are willing to try.

You must be asking to people for reference. Many do that. In that way, the person would know that he or she could get a call to check on you. At least they won’t get a call all of a sudden without any prior knowledge.

2. Provide the job description for your reference

Several people do not provide the same. But this is a real blunder. The job description is essential documents that would help your reference to relate your skills, results, and experiences to know what the company wants to see in a person.

When you just mention about the position and do not offer the job description it gives zero information about what the job is about, what the company does, and how you think you fit into the organization.

But a resume and a proper job description allow your reference to know and understand how your resume fits or can be related to the job description and helps that person to better know their answers to what could be asked by the caller.

3. Give your resume to your reference to have an idea about you

He or she might know or have an idea about your professional history, in the same office but what about before or after? He must have a proper idea.

The rest of your resume is important to him because that way he or she gets a whole insight into your professional history. They must be aware of your career progress and what could be the call about. It also provides them an opportunity to read your resume and question you if anything they have to ask.

4. Share about what was discussed in the interviews

And this needs a conversation with your references. Often we don’t have, but the fact is that we should.

Every position and every candidate has some strength and weaknesses. And if you do not have a proper discussion with your references, they might not tell things about you in a better way.

This type of information is quite vital to your reference. It allows the person to know how you best fit the job position from the reference’s viewpoint and give that person a better way to demonstrate your strengths while lowering your weaknesses.

But without any interview information, your reference will fail to understand the context of the questions which is being asked and chances are that they could give the wrong kind of answer to the question because he or she didn’t understand or know what happened in the interviews.

5. To conclude, provide an update on the entire process

Yes, many fail there. But remember, it is always wise to let your references know about the final outcome of the entire interview process.

Your references always need to know what happened, if you got the job or not. They have been there when you wanted them, and in future could also be your refinances, so honesty towards them is obviously expected.

It is vital to let your references to know whether you received the job or not.

Another reason for sharing follow-up is important because these people happen to be a part of your business network that spared their time and used their reputation to help you out. With no follow updates, it is unlikely that they would make an effort to help you next time.

Once you take a decision to go and find another job, many people start immediately applying for new jobs. After all, you have to start again.

But before starting another job search, try to do the above-mentioned points in your practice. You should make sure, to go ahead and follow the above career guidance tips to create a good network of influencers in your life. You could take your related time, but obviously not a month time or a year.

With this, we conclude. Always keep in mind the above career tips. And being a job seeker you need to be wise while you take a decision of choosing the right career as well. Stay connected with career advice to know about career opportunities in Pune.

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