Career Guidance Tips To Avoid These Bad Habits At Work

If you are an intern or working in an office you will definitely end up dong mistake at some point in time. If the intensity of mistake is small then it will not be a problem but then if it is a blunder that you have committed then it will be a problem for your profession. Let us see some career guidance tips about things that you need to avoid at work:

1) Blaming others: It is easy to blame others and escape for a short period of time but then in the long run in some way or the other you might get caught. Therefore it is the best to admit your mistake and address them quickly.

2) Talking bad about colleagues: Avoid gossiping or talking behind the back as ti will be very much immature. Your group mates might be doing it but it would be great if you step out of the crowd. Therefore you will always be safe and dignified.

3) Not following company culture: It is very important to stick to the company culture. Always follow your seniors to get career success.

4) Don’t lose your image: If you work in the company for a long time obviously you will get good close friends but then maintain the friendship outside the office and have good professional relationships whenever you are at work.

4) Using your phone too much: If the phone is involved in your work then you can use it but otherwise do not use it for your personal reasons for a long time. If you are on your phone continuously then it will reveal that you do not have much work pressure. This career advice is very much important for you to follow.

5) Don’t mix personal and professional problems: When you step out of home leave your personal problems at home and when you step out of office leave your office problems at the office. Do not mix both of them.

6) Assumptions: Do not live in assumptions that your subordinates will take care of the work assigned to them. It is always good to supervise their work as well.

7) Not Request for feedback: Request your seniors for feedback like areas where you can improve or what you need to avoid. This career guidance tip must be followed by every employee.

8) Using Workstations for personal matters: Do not use your workstation computers for personal matters because you might be monitored or tracked for all the activities that you do.

9) Being dishonest: If you are not aware of something then tell the same rather than boasting yourself for false praise.

10) Take things to heart: Do not take criticism so seriously unless and until it is productive and needs to be worked on. Learn to take things sportingly.

The above career guidance tips are more than enough for you to have a good professional career.

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