Top 10 Career Guidance Tips On Body Language Tips

Just by answering the questions correctly you will not get the job in hand. There are lots of things other than just preparing the answers for the interview and one of them is body language. If your body gestures are not assertive then it will add as a bad impression about you. Let us see few body language tips and things that you need to avoid:

Career guidance tips for job interviews:

1) Crossed Arms:

If you are folding your hands across each other in an interview then it will give a negative impression that your not open and you lack interest. It is quite ideal to keep your arms on your lap or armrest which will be very much appealing.

2) Fidgeting:

Do not tap your feet or play with your pen because this will show that you are nervous. This act of fidgeting actually tells the interviewer that you cannot handle the pressure. You need to make a note of this career guidance tip.

3) Avoid Eye Contact:

In job interviews do not avoid eye contact because it will show that you are socially anxious. You might not have done it intentionally but there is a possibility to misunderstand you. It is good to try out mock interviews and try to maintain eye contact. It is actually a natural instinct to do so which says I follow you and you are important to me.

4) Why so serious:

It is good to have a pleasant smile on your face but do not overdo it and do not avoid it completely. Smile especially when you greet. Do not panic if you don’t know a particular answer try to keep your cool. You can also practice in front of a mirror to see your expressions.

5) Slouching:

Maintaining good posture is good for both your health and professional life. Slouching will show your attitude in a negative way to your hiring manager.

6) Yawning or Sighing:

Although it is an involuntary action try to avoid it by sleeping properly and avoiding heavy meals before the interview. Still, if you get it, try to suppress or hide it. You might be interested and tired but you will be judged based on this body language. So please be careful about this career advice in the job interview.

7) Gum Chewing:

Although chewing a mouth freshener or a chewing gum is good for health. It is very much worse at the time of interview as it sounds unprofessional. It is better to brush and floss well before the interview.

8) Touching Face and Hair:

Do not touch your face and hair frequently as it will sound unprofessional as it is a sign of lack of confidence. It will act as a distraction to the interviewer and the hiring manager.

9) Weak Handshake:

A weak handshake or a dead fish handshake shows that you are not confident about yourself. Be firm but do not be too strong as well. This career guidance tip is very important for the job interview.

10)Excessive Hand Gestures:

Do not use hand gestures too much while talking as it will sound very unprofessional. It is always good to answer the interview questions without your hands.

Just because of poor body language do not lose the chance of getting hired. If possible attend mock interviews with your peers and check out where you go wrong. The above body language tips are very much important for you to make a successful career.

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