Career Guidance Tips On Campus Placement Preparation

The final year students would be facing the campus placements annually and this time if it is for you then you are at the right place to learn some of the campus placement preparation tips. Let us see the action plan you need to follow in detail:

1) Self Analysis: SWOT Test:

You need to observe yourself and identify your strengths and weakness by taking references from the past jobs or internships. You can also refer from your school and college life. You can also attend career assessment tests to understand your personality. This is very important for your campus placement preparation. After gathering details about your personality you can search best-suited jobs for you. There are lots of tools to search your career path and accordingly channelize your short-term and long-term goals.

2) Design a good resume:

If you are a fresher then you need to include scores, qualifications, projects, internships, certifications, other activities etc. You can also consider referring to Google regarding the format, font, and layout of your resume. Use effective and targeted keywords to attract the recruiter. Do not use the same resume descriptions for different interviews. Always update your resume regularly. This is the second important point in campus placement preparation

3) Groom your aptitude skills:

It is very important to train yourself in aptitude and if you do not clear the aptitude rounds then you cannot attend the other interview rounds. This aptitude round is similar to the Common Entrance Exams which has questions regarding Data Interpretation, Logic and Reasoning, Analytical and Quantitative Skills etc. You need to practice regularly and consistently to crack this test.

4) Prepare yourself for the Group Discussions:

This round is to test your communication skills, confidence, initiative, listening skills, Leadership, etc. Usually, a topic is given for discussion and you need to express your thoughts and opinion and if you are not aware of the topic then listen to others conversation and think about what you can add to it.

5) Prepare well for the Personal interviews:

Refer the Internet and gather all the details about the interview like the list of frequently asked interview questions. As said earlier jot down your strengths, weakness, short-term and long-term goals. Prepare well for the technical interviews. You can provide your field of interest to ask questions pertinent to that particular area. Groom your body language professionally. This is very important for campus placement preparation.

6) R & D about the company:

You need to do this research before attending any job interview. You can research from the Google about the company, locations, services, clients, employee reviews, etc. This will give you a good knowledge about the company and you can answer the interview questions asked about the company you are applying for which will add as a good impression to the candidate. Follow the above campus placement preparation tips and get hired successfully.

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